A See-Through House Built Around a Tree in a Kazakh Forest

Buried in the trees of Kazakhstan’s sweeping Almaty forest is a cylindrical glass house, a space designed to help one with spiritual and creative development. At the moment, the four-story tree house designed by Architect Aibek Almasov, founder of Amaty-based A.Masow Design Studio, is a still in early concept phases. Soon, the home will be a tranquilizing escape from Almaty – Kazakhstan’s largest, most developed, and culturally diverse city.

Almasov designed the ‘Tree in the house‘ as a tool of meditation, an abstract labyrinth of sorts. For thousands of years, human beings have created the spiral paths that fold back on themselves within labyrinths for reasons ranging from decoration to art and myth. Used as a meditation tool consisting of a walkable single line path, a labyrinth can be a source of solace and can quieten a distracted or over-reactive mind. For some, walking a labyrinth can help resolve inner discomfort and still the mind.

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