Adorable Dog Transformed into Different Animals Every Christmas


For the past 20 years, British photographer Peter Thorpe has upheld the festive tradition of dressing up his dog as different animals and characters for holiday-themed photo shoots. Instead of using Photoshop, Thorpe builds elaborate sets and props, assembles creative costumes, and uses treats to coax his dog into posing for a few pictures, which are then turned into delightful cards that he sends to family, friends, and clients. Over the years, he has transformed Paddy, and now Raggle, into a mouse, a turkey, one of the Wise Men’s camels, Ebenezer Scrooge, and many more seasonally appropriate creatures.

“2 dogs, 3 children and now over 20 Christmas’s later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition and a lovely record to treasure,” Thorpe says. “The fun for me, has been choosing to continue to create these traditionally rather than with Photoshop, by making my own sets + props and using a fair bit of food bribery!”

Sadly, the photographer announced that Raggle will be retiring from these Christmas shoots due to her weak heart and old age. Props to the adorable pooch for being a terrific model and for bringing holiday cheer to many for all of these years through Christmas Dogs!

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