Adorable Underwater Photos of Puppies Diving Into Water


Seth Casteel, whose series of underwater photos of dogs fetching their ball first went viral in 2012 has continued to delight as the series extends with Casteel’s latest book, Underwater Puppies, set to release on 16 September 2014.

In a recent interview with NPR, Casteel explains:

Dogs was just such a random project, and it became successful out of nowhere. It changed my life, literally, overnight. And I was thinking about other things that I wanted to do: What’s the next project? I thought, “Hey, puppies. Can I do puppies?” And what I found out was not only could I do it, but I needed to do it for a couple of different reasons. No. 1: swimming pool safety — super-duper important for all the listeners out there with their pets. So many people forget that our swimming pools, as much fun as they are, they are a danger, and they can be a danger to our children and to our fur children. And they will learn. I mean, a lot of these puppies I work with — for Underwater Puppies I worked with over 1,500 — all it took was just a few times, putting them in the water and teaching them where the exit is, and they figured it out.

Casteel continues to share hilarious underwater photos on his wildly popular Facebook and Instagram pages. Prints are available through Zenfolio and you can find book ordering information here.







Behind the scenes with Seth:

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