Amazing 1970s Men’s Fashion Ads You Won’t Be Able To Unsee


Quite clearly, the 1970s took place on a different planet. These photos of men’s fashions from that decade leave us drowning in astounding mustard knits, garish patterns, high waists, way-too-skimpy briefs, and other fashion faux pas that defy description 40 years later.

As synthetics fell in price, casual menswear was suddenly available to many young men looking to cut loose. Since polyester doesn’t require ironing, the “wash and wear” revolution is in full view of these models with their skin-tight threads. A Travelknit suit jumps out of the suitcase ready to wear, keeping with the decade’s focus on spontaneity and indulgence.

As a final note, don’t look at the prices! You’ll only resent H&M even more!

70s-men-fashion-22__700 70s-men-fashion-38__700 70s-men-fashion-39__700 70s-men-fashion-41__700 70s-men-fashion-51__700 70s-men-fashion-61__700 70s-men-fashion-71__700 70s-men-fashion-101__700 70s-men-fashion-111__700

70s-men-fashion-121__700 70s-men-fashion-132 70s-men-fashion-141__700 70s-men-fashion-151__700 70s-men-fashion-162 70s-men-fashion-171__700 70s-men-fashion-181__700 70s-men-fashion-211__700 70s-men-fashion-241__700

70s-men-fashion-261__700 70s-men-fashion-271__700 70s-men-fashion-281__700 70s-men-fashion-291__700 70s-men-fashion-301__700 70s-men-fashion-321__700 70s-men-fashion-331__700 70s-men-fashion-372__700 70s-men-fashion-381__700 70s-men-fashion-411__700

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  1. <3 remember makinkg foto-stories from photos cut out of the fashion magazines. that days i didin't consider them as weird. now… i love this pics! :)

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