Amazing eye drawings and sketches

There’s something mesmerizing about eyes that we just can’t seem to get enough of. We are constantly amazed by how artists are able to create hyperrealistic drawings of what must be one of the most challenging facial feature to render correctly.  From the wispy hairs of one’s eyelashes and the wrinkled creases under the eye to the entrancing texture of the iris and the sparkling reflections that they create, our artists seem to be able to capture and replicate it all with amazing accuracy. Here’s a collection of amazing eye drawings and sketches that we’ve collected along the way. Which is your favorite?

Charcoal drawing of a dog’s eye by Jonathan Knight. This work is currently for sale on artFido and you can check it out HERE!

Amazing work by Bec Winnel. Also see her on Instagram.

“Eye of Stasis” by Jaime Marrero. Check him out on Instagram.

Amazing color drawing of the eye by Ivan Hoo. Also see him on Instagram.

Street artist Matt Adnate is able to capture the eye in amazing detail with a spray can! Also check him out on Instagram.

What can you say about this work by Watchhauch other than WOW?

Another WOW by Johan Warodell.

Wow times 3! See Chris Herrera’s work here and on Instagram.

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