Amazing Hand-Blown Glass Creatures By Scott Bisson


Scott Bisson, a passionate glass blower living in Oregon, creates wonderful hand-crafted glass-blown creatures with beautiful and subtle colors. He often chooses to portray aquatic creatures or amphibians whose natural forms match well with the flowing qualities of the molten glass that he shapes.

Bisson’s career as a glass blower began in high school when he bent a glass tube over a bunsen burner. The experience started him down a path that, many years and professional tutors, saw him become an expert at twisting and shaping molten glass.

He takes pride in working energetically and challenging himself, writing on his website, “If I don’t lose a piece a day from getting in over my head, then I am not pushing myself hard enough. Skill is the raw material of a great piece, and drive and energy make it take shape.

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