Amazing His-And-Hers Fashions From The 1970s You Wouldn’t Wear In Public Today

The 1970s saw the founding of Apple Computer, Inc., the resignation of President Nixon, and… a lot of his-and-hers matching outfits that would get ridiculed to shreds in the street today. There are only so many belted tank tops and leopard onesies a person can tolerate, and the 70s pushed the boundaries of this limit, for sure.

And even though some of the trends from the flares-dominated era are making a comeback (yes, I’m talking about the groovy bell-sleeves and denim dresses), many of them, to put it lightly, haven’t aged so well. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.”

Fashion was as diverse as ever and covered many styles and genres. The decade saw the birth of many trends that are still continuing to influence the fashion scene today – disco, punk, glam rock, ethnic, hippie, military, sporty-chick styles – the 70s had it all. Jumpsuits were one of the main trends that took over the streets and it was favored not only by stylish women, but by men as well. The matching styles has also had its moment, but sadly (or, luckily?) the trend died off together with the granny-like crocheted ponchos. It’s all for the best, isn’t it?

Make-up trends of the 70s were as diverse as the fashion choices. The looks varied from the natural, no-makeup bohemian look, to bright and flashy looks with the craziest colors. The disco scene had its feast with blue and green eye-shadows, intense, coral blush, glossy lips and glitter. The bohemian style, on the other hand, favored earthy tones and natural looks, while the glam rock scene relished in theatrical presence.

Just the same as fashion and make-up looks, the hairstyles in the 70s were also diverse and celebrated all kinds of looks. While bangs and big, curly dos were a favorable look for many women of the decade, bohemian ladies preferred a more natural look, while disco girls went out showing off their shaggy cuts. Hippies often went for a center part with flowing waves and the glam rock scene favored big and eccentric cuts, often colored with bright hues.

The 70s was also the period when the celebrities took over the fashion scene and rewrote its rules. Bianca Jagger – social and human rights advocate and a former actress – has cemented her status as the ultimate style icon of the decade when she emerged into the dazzling Studio 54 scene. The It girl of this vibrant decade, she was the epitome of disco style and inspired many women to mix masculine and feminine fashion by combining tuxedos and wide leg trousers with furs, silk kaftans and sequins. The woman definitely had it!

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