Amazing Hyperrealistic Street Art Portraits by MTO!


Artist MTO (short for Mateo) is an amazingly talented hyperrealistic graffiti and street artist.  His larger-than-life murals and portraits have become his signature, and regularly stop passers-by dead in their tracks. He has worked in France and Berlin, but like a lot of street artists, his whereabouts remain unknown…

In any case, we fell in love with his distinctive style, and we are sure you will too!


street-art-graffiti-by-mto-1 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-4

street-art-graffiti-by-mto-5 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-6 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-7 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-8 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-9 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-10 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-11

street-art-graffiti-by-mto-12 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-13 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-14 street-art-graffiti-by-mto-15

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