Amazing Pencil Drawings From the Talented Dino Tomic!


Dino Tomic is an extremely talented Croatian tattoo artist in Norway, who likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing clients. His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and sci-fi elements or looking to realistic models for inspiration, pulse with dynamic force.

Tomic, himself a relatively young artist, has plenty of advice for those looking to improve their art skills; “The best way you can learn is to copy/study others’ work,” he writes in his artist’s statement. “While you do that you create your own style. You learn a thing from one artist and something else from someone else.”

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atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-8 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-9 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-10 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-12 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-13 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-14 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-15 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-16 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-5 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-20 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-21 atomiccircus-realistic-pencil-drawings-dino-tomic-66 And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


6 responses to “Amazing Pencil Drawings From the Talented Dino Tomic!”

  1. louiserodgers Avatar

    What an amazing piece of art. you just made me speechless. Keep growing buddy !!!

  2. RyanChapman Avatar

    Amazing Pencil Drawings! Just unbelievable.

  3. vincent007 Avatar

    Only excellent is not enough words for this work. One after another just best things are come out. This is called creativity, how this level can be emerge this post is prove of that. Beauty of Diversification.

  4. Mind Blowing art work. Thanks for sharing impressive quality design work.

  5. Excellent art work. Long time ago, this was my hobby to draw something like that, Present I’m far away but now this time to say welcome again do something….

  6. İsmail İçin Avatar
    İsmail İçin

    i’m in love with you.

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