“American Beauty” Standards Redefined With Women of All Types


It’s a scene etched in many a movie goers mind – actress Mena Suvari rolling around in a room full of rose petals in Kevin Spacey’s “American Beauty” dream.

Photographer Carey Fruth has made her own interpretation of this scene with her “American Beauty” image series.  In it, women of all shapes and sizes  which shows women of all shapes and sizes lying on a bed of flowers. Fruth wants to retake that quintessential male fantasy and use it to empower women of all colors, ages and sizes to be happy about their bodies:

“By stepping into a fantasy dream girl world and by letting go of that fear, they free themselves up to direct that energy they once wasted on telling themselves that they weren’t good enough to elsewhere in their life,” Fruth said.














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  1. Stop glamourizing being obese! It’s not beautiful because it’s ugly, it’s ugly because it’s unhealthy. You shouldn’t be ashamed of being fat, but don’t say it’s beautiful. Take a look at a smoker’s lungs, you might as well call those beautiful too. This is an epidemic, and you’re trying to say it’s okay, you be you. NO! Be healthy, be alive, be without diseases like diabetes, or heart conditions. It’s totally preventable, and totally fixable.

  2. @ookpark:disqus

    What if we look at those kinds of articles, like a way to stop defining us trough our bodyshape and to promote diversity (we have to admit, not usual to see “everyday” looking people in the media, and I’m not only talking about bodys but faces, style, etc as well). Of course obesity is a disease, like anorexia. (even if I don’t think this is an obesity promotion right there) There is plenty of things that we all do that are bad for ourselve, Do we do the “casual-glass-of-wine-everyday-Shaming”? Smoking increase your chance of cancer, driving put you, daily, in a dangerous position as well, you get the point here.

    Back in my country, guess what’s the second cause of death for the 10-20 years old. Suicide.

    So yeah, Obesity can cause death, but Sadness and self-hatred as well.

    So it’s not that bad to try working on it right? All of us. :)

  3. I love these, all of them. I sort of cringe a little when I see some really skinny girls who look too much like I used to look when I was very young, but it was fun to see them all enjoying themselves posing like that. Very pretty. I always love these sorts of presentations. Keep it up no matter what the angry people say about it. Everything is not about them. Sometimes, it’s about someone else for a change…. And, if you have any contact with the original photographers or models, please tell #10 and #5 that their photos were my absolute favorites, although, as I said, all were really beautiful.

  4. ProTip:
    you cannot possibly even begin to think you could change my standard of perceived beauty, and fuck you for attempting to brainwash me into thinking otherwise

  5. most deaths in america are caused by disease resulted from life long dietary habits. its all very well if you want to feel psychological comfort for the unhealthy amount of blood cholesterol and topical lipid, via the so called ‘body image revolution.’ but it will eventually kill you and your children. post-millennial children, on average, are expected to die at least 10 years younger than the adults of current generation due to dietary problems… that is a whole generation of kids taken into account in the phenomena, so its impossible to blame individual rate of metabolism that often gets blamed for what differenciate a fate kid from a skinny kid. its the ever growing proliferation of cheap, oversaturated food that gets procuded in massive quantity fast and convenient. sure, lets accept fat people as we all are one of them. even ones called skinny in america are probably medically overweight, in america.. which includes me too. so lets all get better and healthy as a society and stop broadcasting the visible result and possible indication of sudden death as something to be revered or to be seen as desirable…

    1. Hi there!

      I wanted to say, that almost everytime I saw a post like yours I’d get all mad at it, because I do have some metabolism problems that aren’t easy to fix. But well, I think the way you talked about it is correct, I mean I agree with it, because, not only in America, we are heading to health problems that are self-induced.

      Ummm, but, also… there are other health problems that don’t look “ugly” to society… for me, is not the fact of accepting a lot of weight and don’t get worried about this fat problems, is accepting the fact that we are all humans with problems, and stuff we better not show, because they’re ugly to society. That is what I don’t like. Tags and mean words ¬¬’

      Anyway, repeating… from the way you touched the topic… I don’t know, it made me feel like you were actually worried about health problems. There are people out there who say they are, but actually just take them as an excuse to keep bothering us faties T.T

      Greetings from Mexico! Have a Nice Day! ^^

      1. it dont matter whose fault anyone is fat, it still wont “change the human standards of beauty”, which are boilogical in nature and essential for the survival of our species as a whole.
        beauty(in the mainstream sense) is just another word for “healthy enough to reproduce with)

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