An Amazing Sculptural Gun Installation by Michael Murphy


Installation artist Michael Murphy’s are a little different from most artists – to see his works ‘properly’ you must be standing at just the right angle.  One of his latest works, called Damage, consists of 1,200 ping pong balls, painted black, and then suspended from a ceiling.


Damage is meant as a way for us to really start talking about the controversial role guns play in today’s society.  According to Michael:

“Guns are fetishized in the U.S. Many, many Americans love guns. I’m creating a giant gun.” He continues, “I just want people to keep talking about guns [and] why we should have guns. Communication is necessary because I don’t see any sort of solution being proposed.”

All we can say is “wow”.

Music by 10YRWAR.

michael-murphy-damage-ava-2 michael-murphy-damage-ava-3 michael-murphy-damage-ava-4 michael-murphy-damage-ava-5

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  1. If this was made totally from bullets, then it would have been cooler to me… or something you would not expect… tiny faces of people affected by guns (either folks who saved their own life, or others…. or those taken by guns… always 2 sides to ever debate, maybe you can use the same image to tell 2 stories at same time? Example One side of those small round objects have the face of person affected). level of level of level… go 4 chess moves deep to really make a statement.

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