Annette Messager – an installation artist at large

You may not know it, however you’ve likely seen one of Annette Messager’s art pieces on the web or in one of the many galleries or museums in which she has exhibited. Born in 1943 in France, Messager is known mainly for her amazing hanging installation work. Most notably for incorporating black and white photography, prints, drawings, and various found materials in large scale room installations. One of her most famous pieces, The Messengers (Mori Art Museum in Tokyo),  showcased a series of toy-like, hand knit animals in costumes. In this piece, Messager took the opportunity to replace some of the stuffed animals’ heads, with heads from other stuffed animals. Her intention? To reflect the ways in which humans disguise themselves and transform their identities with costume. Sounds like something from a Tim Burton movie. But the effect was striking.

Most interesting to us is the fact that Messager attended the prestigious École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France but was eventually asked to leave because she spent her time at museums and movie theaters instead of going to class.

She truly is an artist’s artist.

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annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 1

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 2

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 3

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 4

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 5

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 6

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 7

annette-messager-art-installation-artFido - 7

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