Are You Scared of Snakes? Why Not Put a Hat on It?


If you’re a fan of reddit you probably know there’s a sub-reddit section which covers almost anything you can think of. But did you know there’s a section which can alleviate your fear of snakes?!

Yup, snakeswithhats is it! A little known fact is that Eve was convinced by a hat-wearing snake to offer the apple to Adam. 6000 years after the Earth’s creation, snakes with hats are shunned no more, and are accepted members of society.

So forward this to your scaredy-snake friends and have a laugh on a Friday!

cute-snakes-wear-hats-80__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-84__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-87__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-90__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-94__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-99__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-100__700

cute-snakes-wear-hats-101__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-107__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-110__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-120__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-122__700

cute-snakes-wear-hats-134__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-791__300 cute-snakes-wear-hats-801__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-gif-10__300 cute-snakes-wear-hats-gif-10__700 cute-snakes-wear-hats-gif-11__700

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