artFido’s Buried Banksy – go fetch!

To celebrate artFido’s one-year anniversary, we are giving our Facebook fans an opportunity to own their very own Banksy!

Hidden deep in the heart of artFido, there is a Banksy artwork listed with a reserve of only one dollar. Yep. One dollar. That means someone is definitely going to walk away with their own, original Banksy. Well, as long as they’re willing to pony up at least one dollar. Most could probably find that beneath the cushions of their couch. So we’re pretty confidant it’s going to sell!

Given how rare and sought after Banksy’s original art has become, this is an amazing opportunity for fans to get their hands on a valuable piece of street art history!

And if they play their auction cards right, artFido may just be the first platform to help collectable art and affordable art collide!

Click here to begin your search for the Buried Banksy!

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