Artist Builds An Electric Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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    “Tracing the template onto the slab”

  3. artFido

    “The epoxy resin / pencils combination was far too dense for me to cut with a jig saw alone, even using a diamond blade. Because of this, I had to drill out the pencil cores to make life a little bit easier on the jig saw”

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    “Super gluing the template on. I taped a few strips of masking tape onto the guitar and a few strips onto the template… Little bit of superglue on the masking tape and connect them together. Makes for an incredibly strong lateral hold that can easily be pulled off with no damage done to either the guitar or template”

  9. artFido

    “Routing the side of the body using a table router. This was another homemade jig using the wooden workbench and a 3×3 piece of melamine wood. Cut a hole in the middle of the melamine board and mount the router on the bottom side. Worked well. This 2.5″ router bit is a bit intimidating though, I cannot lie”

  10. artFido

    “Routing the edges gives me a near perfectly shaped body”



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