People in Japan Are Shaping and Polishing Aluminium Foil Balls Into Perfect Orbs

Aluminum foil looks pretty boring. It is used for packaging, insulation, cooking… and making really shiny balls that appear to have no real purpose, apparently. That’s right, thanks to a Japanese jeweler, the whole country became obsessed with refining these metal leaves, and we aren’t sure how to react.

According to Twitter user @puchuco709, they took a whole 16-metre (52-feet) long roll of aluminium foil and showed the process for producing the shiny orb.

People instantly fell in love with this low-budget DIY project, flooding Japanese social media with their very own versions. Can you think of a use for it? Let us know in the comments!

  1. It all starts with an aluminum foil ball like this one:


  2. Then, with incredible amounts of determination…


  3. artFido

  4. …lots and lots of repeating the same tedious task…


  5. artFido

  6. …and hours of polishing to perfection…


  7. artFido

  8. artFido

  9. It turns into something like this!


  10. artFido

  11. People instantly fell in love with this low-budget DIY project


  12. artFido

  13. Flooding Japanese social media with their very own versions


  14. artFido

  15. artFido

  16. Watch the video in it's entirety:




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