Artist Builds An Electric Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

  1. artFido

  2. artFido

    “Routing the cavities and neck pocket”

  3. artFido

    “This is an example of one of my struggles with the build. The entire block was sanded with 80 grit on the belt sander. Then the left side was progressively sanded up to 360 grit. So the higher grit I went, the more color smear would occur. Smearing was minimal until I went above about 220 grit. This left me with 2 choices.. either have a smooth surface and a grayish/smeared color tone… or… have good clean wood and led colors but at the cost of only being able to sand to 220. The choice was pretty obvious to me being that the colored pencils were the star of the build… I wanted to showcase their colors as much as possible”

  4. artFido

  5. artFido

    “Fixing some tear-out I had when routing the neck pocket”

  6. artFido

  7. artFido

    “Lots of sanding”

  8. artFido

    “Drilling the neck mounting holes. I also drilled the bridge mounts at this time. This is like a portable drill press btw… Not as good as the real thing, but it gets the job done”

  9. artFido

    “Throwing on some clear coat! I used a 2-part spray enamel, which is really nasty stuff… but it gives a beautiful finish. Dumped the entire can on it in 5 coats”

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