Artist Captures Baroque Images By Photographing Her Subjects Underwater At Night

The ‘muses’ photo series by Christy Lee Rogers could be more easily compared to Caravaggio’s baroque paintings than any conventional piece of contemporary photography. The Hawaiian visual artist produces her colorful, luminous works by submerging her subjects, a barrage of bodies, in water at night and photographing them using the refraction of light.

In an interview with PHOTOFAIRS, Rogers explains that the inspiration for ‘Muses,’ came after a year of ‘losing many people in [her] life,‘ and a drive to complete ‘everything [she] was capable of doing now.’ Thus in moments of being creatively blocked, the release of tension is illustrated via an entanglement of bodies and fabrics in the illuminated body of water that produce a scene capable of capturing a beautiful symbiosis of vulnerability and tragedy, expressing ‘the human condition’.

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