Artist Compiles List of Before And After Pics That You’ll Find Hard To Believe Is the Same Woman

If you’re a regular Reddit user, you probably know that some of the sub-Reddit sections are downright bizarre. One of the current trending bizarre sub-Reddits is PrettyGirlsUglyFaces, curated by artist Melanie Wilson.  In it, girls post hilarious “before & after” photos of themselves that show polished Instagram-worthy poses followed by the ugliest faces they can make.

“This isn’t supposed to be a low self esteem or body shaming exercise”, Melanie told us. “Rather, it’s supposed to empower women to show that despite it all, we can all have a good laugh.

Scroll down below to check out the newest addition of pretty girls making ugly faces put together by Bored Panda, and don’t forget to upvote and comment on your favs!


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