Artist Compiles The Funniest Tormund And Brienne Memes From Game of Thrones

Some of the most popular pop culture books, films, and t.v shows involve love triangles, and while the Game of Thrones universe is filled with plenty of gruesome deaths it is no exception. Brienne of Tarth, now Knight of The Seven Kingdoms, is one woman who has proved she can hold her own and waits for no man. Still, her affections are obviously set on Jaime Lannister. Sure he has a chiseled face and body with golden locks- but GOT fans are shipping another love interest for Brienne – redheaded wildling Tormund.

Since the day he set eyes on "the big woman" as he so affectionately called her, Tormund has taken every opportunity to shoot his shot to try and woo Brienne. Artist and GoT enthusiast Alex Wong has curated the following list of "Briemund" memes that hilariously highlight our favorite thrones will they or won't they romance. 

So scroll down and don't forget to upvote your favorites, warning some of these are so spicy you might need a big glass of milk.



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