Artist Creates a Series of Comics Showing Everyday Life With His Wife

Illustrator and comic book artist Yehuda Adi Devir has taken married life to a whole new level. You see Yehuda has created quite a stir on social media by creating controversial comics about his relationship with his wife, Maya.

Some of the most mundane things make their way into Yehuda’s comics, including washing the dishes, getting up in the morning, and killing bugs.

While many think he comics are playful and cute, some have also argued that they are a bit too sexist for this day and age.  What do you think?

1. Happy feet!:

2. Her Magic Touch:

3. Every Morning:

4. IKEA:

5. My Wifeinator!:

6. How It’s Always My Turn To Do The Dishes:

7. A Typical Night Out:

8. Beach Body:

9. Holiday Leftovers:

10. Bad Hair Day:

11. Winter Is Here:

12. Valentine’s Day:

13. Sweet Dreams:

14. Travel Pillow:

15. Let’s Take a Selfie!:

16. The (Un)happy Couple:

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  1. Dude, this guy is so lucky! Not only does he have a hot and obviously loving wife she also appears to like having a good time making life very playful. Nothing sexist here. Except maybe her turning into a lycanthrope during winter… Or the Shehulk during leg waxing.

  2. Very funny depictions of daily life between the two of you. Excellent artwork. (My avi is color pencil of my cat, “Saké”) You really capture the story in a single scene. Impressed!

      1. Wow thanks for the response. I’m very sorry, I was watching the page on my television via an HDMI cable and it turns out the resolution makes the social media sidebar and facebook pop up too big, on the computer screen itself it is fine.

        I don’t think you can do much about this, so that is my mistake!

  3. I’m really confused, girls do typical things and guys do the same. It’s common for a girl to have freezing toes or take forever to get ready and for the man to be irritated or shocked by her. (I see he’s doing the dishes) Is it to mainstream to be a typical women or man? You don’t display each of these characters personally so your offended and it must be sexist…. yes that’s it.
    I love the collection it feels like home to me. I love being a typical women and I love my typical manly husband.

    1. If anything he is picking at his own insecurities and making his wife out to be a bad ass in my opinion. These comics to say she rules the roost and she is the brains in their relationship. A couple of them do male fun of how women can be bit the majority are him poking fun at himself. I think these are awesome

    2. I know that 9/10 of my past girls have all been so cold blooded they freeze even in summer. Only one of them ever had hotter hands than I did and trying to break cuddles was like pulling teeth. I think I read somewhere they have proportionately more skin area to a lesser body mass than men and hence they lose heat through it more than men do. And my last girl liked to say “there’s a spider in the bathroom. Very carefully I’m going to grab a spray can and a lighter and burn the house down.”

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