Artist Creates Controversial Illustrations That Mirror the Ugly Side of Society


While these images are safe for work, they’ll still make you feel dirty – and that’s because they reflect some of the dirtiest things about our society. Spanish artist Luis Quiles’ images are so powerful because they evoke deep visceral responses – be they arousal, terror or disgust.

Quiles gets down and dirty with topics like sexism, homophobia, exploitation and violence. He’s got more powerful works spread across his various profiles, but not all of it is safe for work (NSFW) or suitable for minors, so be warned!

















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  1. I’m interested in the way every sexual innuendo objectifies young, pretty women. No men sucking cell-cock? No men having drug sperm dripping into their mouths? No young boys drinking info-urine from cellginas? Or submitting to wallet-dildo action? Only men subordinating cute young girls? Young people of both genders are equally likely to be seduced, surely.It’s cynical, and the misandry is palpable.

  2. ugh this made me throw up in my mouth a bit. it’s like this person googled “controversial” and then got to work making these eyesores.

  3. lol at all the impotent critics.
    To the drawing person : Nice drawings. Good style. Some good observations.
    Keep going. I appreciate the work you’re doing and the kind of statements you are making about the world.

  4. The second people start taking the magic and inspiration out of art, it is dead. So please, for the love of all that is sacred, stop being so harsh on this ONE artist’s work.

    Plus, I fucking doubt even half of you could illustrate anything as good as this.

  5. it doesnt look simply like women being objectified by men but that women are TOTALLY obsessed and willing to be a slave to social media and posing and naked and being pimped out by twitter etc..cause they ARE.

  6. I think it’s great look how everyone reacts positive and negative art is about expression you know it’s not necessarily about being approved by others the artist creates these works to express themselves in a time of their thought process any criticism or attention towards an artist work is good for their peice it gives it recognition and over time will capture millions in a society like this with the help of social media I think it’s good work in my opinion I would have played more with the color palate and would have expressed more of the mans side than the women’s

  7. I don’t like the content at all.. I like the mechanism of how this is a pure and unadulterated transgression to show how fucked up is the real world on this moments.. If you understand that art NOT always has to be love, sparkles & charm, and get that is about expression.. Consider yourself fine.

    This was made to DISLIKE the content.. (Even the sexism part).. is so obvious that those things are made of that purpose.. People, Earth is a Sphere with many holes.. Wake up!!..

  8. Wow these are awful for so many reasons. Worst of all the artist is actually exploiting women (ironically) to create this “shock” art which only serves the purpose of being controversial, nothing more. These pictures don’t address sexism, they just are sexist.

  9. I’m not sure I understand the social media one…so apps are metaphorically performing a bukkake on chicks that use them? Am I missing something? These seem so forced. “Look at me and my edgy, IMPORTANT drawings!”

  10. There was an artist who did this type of thing years ago. This just seems to be a copy (and a bad one at that) of his work. All you have to do is think, hmm…what is popular today? Energy! Ok, now who is something controversial, someone who is consuming too much of something? hmm…oh a drug addict! Ok, so I’m gonna draw a drug addict plugged into the wall consuming energy at an unhealthy level to show the public that we are addicted to our technology! Genius!!!

  11. As a follower of Christ, not a Christian, I agree that many people of faith do NOT do enough to help the needy. However, those that DO help do it lovingly and with all of themselves. Seeing the difference we can make in the lives of families is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Religion is poison, that’s why Jesus was so against it.

  12. Doesn’t matter what anyone says about if these drawings are “cliche”, “pointing out the obvious”, etc. These drawings invoke a response in people and that is the point.

    1. This is a picture of the Che Guevara, he was a cuban revolutionist, who is worldwide famous for helping cuba to get more freedom. This symbol ends up as a button next to an american football button, a peace and love button, all on a bag of a teenager obsessed with video game… should I explain more, or did you get it?

      1. does it mean that america didnt fight for freedom, so the children are enjoying peace, love, football and Cuba had it tough? Please explain if I am wrong.

        1. Not really, it’s showing our obsession with trends and the need to fit in when we have no idea what it means. Kids who see themselves as rebellious or punks wear Che Guevara shirts and buttons when they have absolutely no idea what he stands for. That’s why it’s next to the smiley face, Yankees, and Rastafari weed button. We strip any meaning from things like this by making them too commonplace or trendy for absolutely no reason.

  13. It’s cliche as fuck, didn’t really make me think, just pretty much pointing out the obvious, some of it was kinda bs and just public ignorant opinions. He might as well write on a piece of paper, murder is bad, would be less obvious.

    1. Says a bruh. Look man, it’s not “ignorant” to realize that men feel like they run things too much. Even I get offended, and that tells me that some part of me is sexist. Why am I offended that someone is challenging sex? I should be able to go without it first of all, because I’m not owed sex. Like come the fuck on. I should be expected to expect, to never get it. Same for you.

      Women are not our property. If you don’t get laid, tough shit.

      1. I’m not offended, but it’s pretty obvious, it doesn’t make me think, i’m pretty sure every sane, over 18 year old, living in a western society pretty much knows that women are not our property, “no shit”, and if they don’t by now, i hardly doubt this is going to convince them.

      1. No but that’s like saying to an adult, “murder is bad”, would that be necessary, what would be the point of pointing out the obvious. Art isn’t supposed to point out the obvious, at least in my opinion, art is supposed to make you, think “wow” “interesting”, “i never saw it that way before”, “that makes me think”

        1. bingo. you can argue that cliche visuals might be used interestingly, but not if the artist’s stance on the issues are totally unoriginal. it’s like painting ronald mcdonald stepping on a ‘small business’…we get it already

        2. If the adult murders someone, I think there is a point in try to tell them that murder is bad. So if society still commits all these other “crimes” again, tell em about it.
          People will eat themselves to death and say they will start the diet next week. They know what they’re doing is wrong, yet still do it. The answer isn’t to then watch the person die, you keep telling them till it sinks.

    1. Shallow? That’s the point, they’re depicting the true extent of things in a way that catches the care of your attention span. Otherwise you would go onto thinkin the world is grand and nice and happy go lucky like a retard. Cliche is irrelevant for the non-trivial.

      1. Usually artists who try to depict these kinds of social issues will cram in more details in each picture. For example, yes we know that we live in a world where consumerism is king. And social media is an intergral part of most lives in the first world. Look at the first picture. I really like the idea of using porn to illustrate this point, both from an analysing and marketing perspective. What does picture 1 tell us? Girls are fighting and willing to do anything likes. Men are exploiting this weakness in society for own personal gain.

        We have seen all of this so many times before.

        This artist is not first to do this. Many have done it before, and better. The artist could illustrate what effect these problems have on people. The artist could show scars, bloodshot eyes etc. Usually pictures like this try to show a causation/reaction kind of thing. These only show causation. People are not 1 dimensional, they don’t suffer from one single thing or find joy in one single thing. Pictures like these should therefore reflect that.

    2. shallow? they’re cartoons (i.e. like political cartoons). The idea is to use metaphor, imagery and caricature to illuminate societal issues in the most simplistic form. They’re not books or essays that delve into the details. How would you draw a picture that demonstrated anorexia without it being “shallow”? Enlighten us…

      1. you’re mistake is assuming that good art is made by picking a theme and then working to make sure the audience all gets the same message out of it. that’s how shitty college essays are constructed.

  14. This dude apparently watches a lot of porn. Also, the Christians I know that visit Africa do a hell of a lot more medical-volunteering, school-building and well-digging than Bible passing so let’s not pretend like there’s a bunch of wonderful secular people trying to make a difference while the religious just force things down people’s throats.

      1. meh it’s a bit of both, but a lot of charities were founded by religious organisations, but it’s naive to think all they do is just give bibles, they do that, but they also obviously provide food and money just as much as any secular charity perhaps even more

        1. They may provide support, but it’s conditional on the children of that society attending school, with a heavy emphasis on bible classes. Therefore, it is conditional support. In my opinion is it a complete abuse of privilege and power to spread a western Christian message to societies in need of help.

          1. What are everyone’s sources on these supposed abuses by Christian missionaries? What do you know about the work? Have you witnessed it? Have you read about it? Or do you just make assumptions? Could anything short of completely eliminating the gospel message change your opinion?

          2. Let’s look at the insistence of the American Religious Right that any sort of health education/assistance to Africa was forbidden from being funded if it ever provided condoms, even to the worst of the AIDS epicentres. That’s kilodeaths right there.

            No. There is absolutely no way short of eliminating all power from religious bodies that such travesties could be avoided.

          3. That Pope died quite a while ago and A LOT of Christian’s disagreed with A LOT of the things he did. Just like any dude in power. American’s bombed Japan, people died, am I being sensational too? or is it only because religion is involved you’re against mistakes?

          4. Nahh i don’t think I’ve ever heard of a modern charity basically telling a Muslim or a non christian to p**s off, or taking food or shelter away from them whether or no they are preaching christian messages that’s up to them, and up to the parents or the kids to accept the messages or not, if they want to build churches that’s up to them, a lot of those people are already religious anyway.

            You seem to forget a lot of christian missionaries also died horrible deaths for preaching christian messages, in this day and age, it’s the christians that are usually have more to risk, in countries like syria and china, and iraq, there are many christian charities there.

            It’s just that they believe in the gods of their ancestors or whatever, so to an atheist’s point of view, what’s the difference between someone converting from traditional religion that may preach stuff like throwing twins in the river, to a religion like Christianity?

      2. Don’t you think the bible and the Malnourished boy is a metaphor for religion being provided as a social crutch for the 3rd world societies to have something to believe in, and therefore put up with their mistreatment as religion is in fact a lie. That’s how I interpreted it, not missionaries passing out just a bibles.

    1. I think that good people come from all walks of life. Doing charity should never come with an IOU note. Good on them for doing a good thing, but it is hardly selfless to build a school then teach Christianity in it is it?

    2. Gage Alan apparently watches a lot of porn on account of how he recognized that the artist must watch a lot of porn on account of how accurately the artist is able to evoke images of porn.

      You tipped your hand on that one, buddy!

      1. I don’t think you have to be watching porn constantly to notice that women in the pictures are having items shoved in their mouths, greedily gathered around a man’s crotch or in bondage and to be aware that those are common pornographic tropes. It’s another to make almost half your art involve these things.

        1. If you don’t think that you “have to be watching porn constantly to notice that women in the pictures are having items shoved in their mouths, greedily gathered around a man’s crotch or in bondage and to be aware that those are common pornographic tropes”, it isn’t any more difficult to believe that you don’t have to watch porn constantly to recreate such images, or to realize that pornography serves as an apt metaphor and purposely seek out the ability to develop and recreate those themes as an aspect of your art and message.

          That all being said, I was joking, and you’re probably right.

    3. But their charity work is completely separate from their religious beliefs. That is to say you can be good WITHOUT god. In fact outright I’d say that “Christians” don’t contribute anything but the preaching and whatnot. When a person does charity work or what have you, and they happen to believe in god. They get SECULAR Credit. When they indoctrinate and intimidate, THEN they’re being a Christian.

      Also you should listen to a black atheist on this matter: “Spoon fed this religion from the slave ship. They used faith to justify bringing slaves here. All the conducts and the rules in the good book. You swear by it, but failed to take a good look. You’re completely sold. Just two centuries ago slave owners swore you didn’t even have a soul. Now you blindly defend a faith, that was used to plunder pillage and rape a whole entire race?” – Greydon Square

      There are plenty good religious people. They are good secularly from their religion… in fact. You want to talk about how evil religion is… well fuck you, all religion does it make GOOD PEOPLE do BAD THINGS. That’s the POINT dipshit. Stop defending them, otherwise you’re evil.

      1. Typical rant’s of person that types “Things that prove my point” into Google. If you’re looking for a good source for what it means to be a Christian try the Bible, it’s almost exclusively the source of Christianity as a whole so a pretty good place to start.
        Unfortunately it won’t support a single one of your claims, but that’s what happens when you make shit up and then find that there are a lot of dumbarses that love to throw around pointless conjecture like they’re the second coming of, dear I say it? Christ.

    4. The parts of Africa that kidnapped and killed all the tourists and missionaries are the fastest growing economies of the world! Church is weapon. Ask a native american!

    1. I think you are retarted, pal. If you see the child porno, maybe you should see a doctor? There are many things in these drawings, but one has to open their eyes. So many things are real here: chase for money, chase for drugs (over consumption of antibiotics), chase for buying everything…

    2. define Nazi cause its now pretty well common knowledge that Nazi comes from the word AshkeNazi Jew. like Ted Bundy the perp posing as the victim. Holocaust proven fake.

      1. Are you serious? NAZI stands for The National Socialist German Workers Party or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei .

        Read a book.

        1. It just stands for National Socialist or Nationalsozialist. @frizbit:disqus what u mean is the NSDAP. And the word @sherrielea:disqus Ashkenazim is just an old term for east west and northern European Jews

    1. That’s a really selfish way of looking at it. Perhaps you’re 40 years old (just as an example) and have seen these throughout your life. Your mistake is concluding that life begins and ends with you, and that there aren’t humans that are seeing images like this for the first time in their lives. It’s great to know that you’ve seen hundreds of these, but if we stop making these images on account of YOUR behalf, what will our generations be exposed to?

        1. You have seen a chick illustrated giving head to dudes with phones for cocks? Sorry but that’s original and you have never seen that before. Of course you’ve seen the inspiration before! It’s a representation if the perverted twisted society we were raised in. You’ve never not seen it! Stop sharing nonsense you tool.

          1. even if there literally isn’t another drawing of a woman blowing a phone in the world, the artist isn’t saying anything new, here.

          2. It’s the power and truth of what he’s saying, but in a new way.
            No words were necessary for the imagery to grasp the “ugly side of society.”

          3. Its not “new” because these issues have been around for decades and nobody’s doing anything about it

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