Artist Creates Eerily Beautiful GIFs Even Though He’s Legally Blind

George Redhawk

Artist George Redhawk has put together a series of stunning GIFs, perfectly looped and beautifully haunting. Even more incredible is that Redhawk is legally blind.

“With the use of visual aides and computer softwares that aide the visually impaired, [Redhawk] began to explore the realm of photo manipulation with a desire to show the world as he see it from his damaged sight,” his biography says.

His numerous works have received more than six million views online, he said. See his full collection of more than a thousand images on his website.

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2 responses to “Artist Creates Eerily Beautiful GIFs Even Though He’s Legally Blind”

  1. These are stolen copyrighted images. Shame on Artfido for publicising and propagating such theft.

  2. Did a certain blind girl possibly using my own body as a type of robot-machine with which to see just now add this same artist to her own gang? If so, can someone please link me to this same artist to help me end that same gang of severely abusive body snatchers?

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