Artist Creates Flowing Hair In Her Beautiful Hand-Embroidery

The concept of embroidery art perhaps brings to mind an image of a grandma sitting on a comfy sofa chair with a cup of tea in front of the television, carefully creating perfect cross stitches. This image is totally thrown out the window when you discover international model Sheena Liam. Recognised as the winner of the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model, Sheena is also becoming well known for her creative embroidery art.

Using the minimalist concept of black thread and tarn, Sheena is bringing embroidery art to life through stitching female silhouettes onto white fabric. When Sheena isn’t modelling she is playing with textures and creating extremely cute yet iconic pop life images. Using a simple and intelligent technique, the artist uses thread to imitate beautiful long hair in her designs. Sheena is quickly becoming recognised for her signature designs of females with long hair styles in different ways. Images of Sheena’s work are now floating around social media and online at the speed of light, capturing the interest of art, embroidery and design appreciators globally.


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