Artist Creates INVISIBLE ‘Art’ and Collectors are Paying Millions


(Above): Art enthusiasts admire Newstrom’s invisible paintings and sculptures at the Schulberg Gallery in New York.

27-year-old artist Lana Newstrom says she is the first artist in the world to create invisible “art.”  In this documentary, CBC Radio traveled to her empty studio to learn more about Lana and her unusual  artistic process.

According to Newstrom, “Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece”.

“Art is about imagination and that is what my work demands of the people interacting with it. You have to imagine a painting or sculpture is in front of you,” says Newstrom.  Paul Rooney, Lana’s agent, believes she might be the greatest artist alive working today: “When she describes what you can’t see, you begin to realize why one of her invisible works can fetch upwards of a million dollars.” said Rooney.

Learn more about Lana Newstrom and her invisible art here:

A screen shot of Newstrom’s website. As expected, the works being exhibited are invisible:

screen shot

What do you think about Newstrom’s invisible art? Let us know in the comments section below!

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299 responses to “Artist Creates INVISIBLE ‘Art’ and Collectors are Paying Millions”

  1. Marvs Nivram Avatar
    Marvs Nivram

    those art deserves millions of invisible money.

  2. Joan Naughton Avatar
    Joan Naughton

    She uses herself n the hearing sense of others to set the tone for the seduction .
    You can imagine anything , if your mad enough , I was imagining Jesus in the room saying here’s free water .but she couldn’t hear him or give him a face either in the crowd .

  3. Joan Naughton Avatar
    Joan Naughton

    I think the artist will have a sore throat by the end of the exhibition and be tired.Youl need good listening sense for this and wanting to be entertained .the materials she listed sound unrelated , this a good abstraction .but I could listen to my Mother just as long an be searching for a picture to relate it too .then scrutinise what she wants or needs .
    Usually most people need love and attention, so I guess she’s just pitching her human need in a very heady way .

  4. Debbie Sadler Avatar
    Debbie Sadler

    Stupid stupid stupid people. You can’t fix dumb!

  5. Diver_Down Avatar

    I just bought one of her magnificent pieces. I’m looking at it now on my blank wall. Do understand, I paid her with invisible money. I think we’re both very happy.

  6. formacolor Avatar

    Collectors: please just have a look to formacolor’s artworks: it’s more valuable & a huge surplus value is possible later…!!!

  7. It’s a hoax report based on a photo shopped Shutterstock image of people looking at Phil Stern photography
    collection at Forma Photography Foundation June 16, 2010 in Milan, Italy.

    To see visible art Google ‘Rex Woodmore’ Australian International Artist

  8. Microsandwich Avatar

    I stole one of her art pieces while it was on display. I didn’t realize that I took it until I noticed that I had bought nothing home.

  9. Wait…this ISN’T The Onion?

  10. Duane Baker Avatar
    Duane Baker

    If you can’t see it, you can’t afford it.
    I can’t afford it.

  11. Duane Baker Avatar
    Duane Baker

    If you can’t see it, you can’t afford it. I can’t afford it.

  12. Frizbit Avatar

    It all smells like invisible shit to me.

  13. jmundstuk Avatar

    Recall that we Americans elected Trump. So you can sell anybody anything.

  14. Kevin Lj Avatar
    Kevin Lj

    This is fraud! I have been making identical art for years! :)

  15. toke utter Avatar
    toke utter

    if you are paying to see this, investing in it, or giving it any time whatsoever, i don’t mean to be harsh but you are a fucking idiot. straight up

  16. Comments can’t be blank.

  17. Adam Fishman Avatar
    Adam Fishman

    She’s copied almost all of her works from me!

  18. newshous66 Avatar

    I’ll buy it. With my invisible VISA.

  19. Barnett Newman, Jeff Koons…

    The list of overhyped hacks gets bigger every day.

    These so-called “art collector” morons deserve to
    lose the millions they piss away. Total Idiots.

  20. Dennis S Avatar
    Dennis S

    I’ll pay double that in invisible money.

  21. Elijah Snow Avatar
    Elijah Snow

    Too many idiots concentrated in NY. Overpopulation is a serious issue.

  22. I’m gonna steal all this shit, no one’s going to notice anything.

  23. Sculpture Avatar

    i’m a sculpture and i find this offensive

  24. i imagine she’s fucking crazy

  25. Some guy Avatar
    Some guy

    sounds like a con-artist to me. I can see her sitting there selling one of her “invisible pieces” the way a con-artist sells one of their schemes.

  26. Someone knows from who is the music in the background? Thanks!

  27. Cosmo Gato Avatar
    Cosmo Gato

    i hate that kind of pipol

  28. Cosmo Gato Avatar
    Cosmo Gato

    will pay with invisible dollars…

  29. Zanellato Federico Fritz Avatar
    Zanellato Federico Fritz

    Would be funny if it would represent over quotation on a material aspect of “artwork”

  30. Donna Jordan Avatar
    Donna Jordan

    If ‘you have to imagine a painting or sculpture is in front of you’ then it’s ‘you’ who is creating the ‘invisible art’ not Newstrom – personally I think it’s all a load of pretentious crap (does she accept invisible money as payment?)

  31. One could argue that the viewer is the “artist” not the girl that is claiming to be one. If the people have to imagine how it looks, it’s going to be interpreted different by everyone. That in turn would make them the creator of the piece, not the pretentious idiot claiming to be so. This article belongs on The Onion.

  32. The market is going to be littered with forgeries

  33. juniuro Avatar

    I bought one of this master pieces with $1000 000.00 imaginary bills of course.

  34. The not invisible-art maker Avatar
    The not invisible-art maker

    WTF did I just read? What’s the use of art if it’s invisible?

    1. Totally agree


  35. Domms An Fear Uasal Avatar
    Domms An Fear Uasal

    Sorry but this is pure bullshit, Anyone can say “There’s invisible art on that wall, Appreciate it”, Scam artist.

  36. tjkruse Avatar

    This is dumb. Really dumb. Super dumb. The people could go out on the playground and have these discussions with their invisible friends. No wonder contemporary art has a credibility problem.

  37. personthatactuallydoesart Avatar

    Please tell me this is a joke article.

  38. She’s not the first artist to create ‘invisible’ art…this is not original.

  39. We are over as a species

  40. We had plenty of such art galleries, they were called asylums. Oh I forgot, if anyone’s interested I have tons of invisible toilet paper for sale.

  41. odette2.0 Avatar

    Satire. And pretty funny too.

  42. If I were buying a few pieces I would be inclined to pay with equally invisible money.

  43. I will now ‘imagine’ i never wasted my time listening and reading this utter tosh! She’s not an artist, she’s an actress fooling people into parting with their money!

  44. Rus Liviu Avatar
    Rus Liviu

    The King is nude…somethin’ like that…

  45. Anil Jagalur Avatar
    Anil Jagalur

    This is hoax at its best and gullibility at its worst! I heard the following joke five decades ago: Kindergarten student submits her painting assignment. She submits a blank sheet of paper.
    Teacher: What is this?
    Girl: A cow eating grass.
    T: where is the cow?
    G: It ate and went home.
    T:Where is the grass?
    G: The cow ate it.

  46. a fuckudumbbitch Avatar
    a fuckudumbbitch

    She’s a fuckin bullshitter and kissing everyone’s ass if u seriously believe in this shit ur a god damn dumbass

  47. Noob_says_the_truth Avatar

    Emperor’s New Clothes 2.0

  48. I was creating “invisible” or “Non at centuries ago.

  49. I have made over a 100 invisible movie, but damn those OSCAR guys, they are not even paying any attention. Could you please give me some tips Lana Newstrom.

  50. Simon 'Simon' Lovett Avatar
    Simon ‘Simon’ Lovett

    Considering you sell “art”.. You should really be aware this is a hoax, shouldn’t you?

  51. If there are people out there who pay real money (not invisible money) for these “works”, I congratulate Lana! Best con artist ever!

  52. katyellen1 Avatar

    OH paleeeeeeeeeeeez!!

  53. CyberEmpress (SD) Avatar
    CyberEmpress (SD)

    so. there are people believing this is serious o__o

  54. skulliea Avatar

    what an actual joke this is, you can’t charge people money to use your imagination, what’s next taxing air?

  55. Modern day Robin Hood with a vagina.

  56. haha, the Emperor’S New Clothes

  57. Dimitri Al Khoury Avatar
    Dimitri Al Khoury

    sooooooooooo lame

  58. Prabhudas Avatar

    Its pure madness. Third rate means to make money.

  59. zambezi Avatar

    WTF is this shit.

  60. PunongKawal Avatar

    Worthless piece of shit patronized by pretentious, “artist” ass-kissing rich fucks.

  61. i stole this art and if you give me 1 million dollar I will give it back :P

  62. disqus_7lEAhytOR7 Avatar

    Some people are just way too comfortable and instead of coming up with something valuable they create bullshit.

  63. Gersh Yagudaev Avatar
    Gersh Yagudaev

    Total and utter bullshit.

    1. there is a stock photo of this exact image on shutterstock with artworks on the wall

      1. search shutter stock for 69309265

  64. Ken Hitchcock Avatar
    Ken Hitchcock

    even if this were not fake, invisible does not mean weightless. If i were to buy something i would weigh the box with and without the supposed artwork. If no difference then a full refund please. Obvious trolling or social experiment.

  65. Brima Wolobah Avatar
    Brima Wolobah

    i am an artist and i take this to be something that has always been happening. take for example you are sitting or standing and looking at a blank wall, what ever image you see on that wall will be something you have already visualize in your mind, she did a good work by making money out of it, , . one thing i know is that ideas like that will only sell among those with the cash.because they are always finding ways to see new things

  66. The Emperor’s new clothes anyone?

  67. Zak Eissa Avatar
    Zak Eissa

    I would buy the entire collection for say 10 million of my imaginary dollars !! You couldn’t deny that, or could you??

  68. bittenbyazebra Avatar

    This is a joke, right?

  69. oopsilaffatatory Avatar

    I bought one
    Portrait of the Invisible Man, 60″x40″ invisible ink on stretched cling film

  70. It’s so obvious this is a joke, guys. I mean.. “It’s heavier than that. Lift with your knees!” in reference to an invisible sculpture. I mean come on! It’s really funny!

  71. u don’t need PERMISSION from her to use your imagination. Try it in your own residence…but don’t charge your visitors!

  72. Qingyuan Li Avatar
    Qingyuan Li

    This is from cbc, “this is that” it’s a satire news organization.

  73. LEECHEF Avatar

    I did this years ago in my GCSE art exam. I might see if my mother still has it. Make a few bob, winner!!

  74. Funny shit….and obviously not for real.

  75. Jazzyjeuz Avatar

    I will definitely buy this using my invisible money. She can imagine any amount she wants.

  76. BobSmith223 Avatar

    Crap! I think the piece I bought is a forgery!

  77. Sam Visu Avatar
    Sam Visu

    This is fucking bullshit. Must be a troll. Nevertheless, it looks like culture is digressing, not progressing.

  78. This is That piece from last week?

  79. FrankRizzo Avatar

    Now I have seen everything (also nothing). If she goes to the trouble of imagining the whole thing, why not just MAKE it. Sorry, but this takes conceptual art into the realms of madness (and not in a good way). Also, it is the the final justification for the phrase “People will pay for anything”. Art has officially disappeared up its own ass. R.I.P
    The real idiots are the people paying these millions, not the “artist”.

  80. meesersuperman Avatar

    sooo is this satire or nah? can’t tell lol.

  81. earthabbey Avatar

    Quit freaking out, this is not real everyone! The artist doesn’t exist. The clip they played is from This is That, a PARODY news show on CBC Radio.

  82. Jesus Christ Avatar
    Jesus Christ

    How about you post the source that states that this story is made up satire from a comedy show

  83. Rework Oh Ryan Avatar
    Rework Oh Ryan

    Wow, I’m never surprised anymore at how stupid people can be. Millions of dollars for nothing? I can imagine the art buyer instructing the moving men that are “carrying” it into their home saying “Please! Don’t drop it!”

  84. to be politically incorrect, this is so stupid….are we the bored society…to me, it’s an insult that she thinks she is doing something wonderful and people are paying for it – “wherever I go, I take my imagination with me”….I don’t need to pay HER for it….

  85. Prostagmatos Avatar

    Guys this hole picture is a scam. It is a stock image of a photography gallery in Milan by Phil Stern from which they erased the pictures on the wall. Just tipe “Milan Phil Stern” on Google to see the real picture.

  86. I say good for her for taking money off people who don’t really deserve to have it

  87. You people realize this is from the satirical and fictional CBC program “This is That” eh?

  88. But the Emperor is wearing no clothes!!!

  89. SCVMJONES Avatar

    the ultimate art troll

  90. I think Hans Christian Andersen is rolling over in his grave

  91. Fake. Debunked on snopes.

  92. I think there was an article showing the real image this gallery was a photo gallery but they removed the artwork using photoshop but this could just be an image used to go with the article either way it sounds ridiculous but when it comes to arty people I do not call BS straight away as I know they are bunch of fruit loops to varying degrees

  93. what the heck Avatar
    what the heck

    A saterical sight, the ONION perhaps? Only way to explain this.

  94. Does she accept invisible currency? She can imagine how much time went into earning it.

  95. Oh I see it for what it is all right…… an empty studio which really is a representation of her ideas ….. clearly judging by whats on her walls she doesn’t actually have any lol

  96. This is literally taking this piss. How can she say she put hours of work into nothing?! If you’re looking at it then it would be your own imagination. She should not be given any publicity! Really truly awful.

  97. TedCrunch Avatar

    It’s the king’s magic suit of clothes!

  98. Michael Aliño Avatar
    Michael Aliño

    does this mean I can sell my very own invisible nude portrait?

  99. You’re all talking about her. Hence she won. When you run into idiots, the best way to piss them off is to ignore them. SO HOWS THE WEATHER BACK AT YOUR PLACE PEOPLE??

    1. Any chance of a translation? I don’t speak gibberish.

  100. I have an invisible 12″ c0ck!

    1. Funny, she said you had a small one, but invisible?

  101. As an artist this saddens me to no end. Most artists and good ones at that stay away from NYC because of this.

  102. The Emperor’s New Clothes

  103. P Diddy (Before he was cool) Avatar
    P Diddy (Before he was cool)

    Love it that half the internet doesn’t understand this is satire.

  104. This is definitely a shame for artists in the world. Artists create arts to share their creativity, imagination and unique minds. If they’re passionate in painting, their strokes, colour preference, and style will speaks about themselves. Artists used to convey their passion through their artworks, and it has been going for centuries. If this artist is conducting a social experimenting, I hope the news explains so.
    But overall, I’m not sure whether this artist fooled these people or just people who are just fools.

  105. Does she accept invisible money?

  106. This is a total joke. The video sounds like an SNL Sketch

  107. the concept of invisible art object, also an expensive one, is found in the story of the emperor appeared that he had no clothes on.(but actually he bought some expensive clothes that are so thin, so lightweight that you cannot feel, and are transparent, but poeople could not see the clothes). So the concept is not actually new, nothing original I find in this exhibition… :D

  108. Come on. This is an Onion article, right? This is satire.

  109. Phil Daine Avatar
    Phil Daine

    I love the way she doesn’t capture the light of no subjects, the balance of transparency is exquisite and seamless, it makes me not think, I like not thinking.

  110. Pat Smith Avatar
    Pat Smith

    The” Emperor’s New Clothes ” comes to mind. People are such fools.

  111. DeaconWayne Avatar

    I call bullshit!


  113. I’d love to have one of her pieces but I just don’t have the imagination for it.

  114. Xenonn Ati Avatar
    Xenonn Ati

    why are people taking this seriously ? its a joke X_X

  115. Lana here is my art: dawn mist, see it below:

    That took ten seconds to create, don’t pretend you took any longer with any of yours.

    1. pinksmarti Avatar

      Wow! Mine usually take a bit longer. What’s your process?

  116. I will be a mirror artist then….put some mirrors on the wall…. and walaaaah …. there u have it…. the first mirror artist of the world. I shud get a $billion..coz for gods sake ‘….atleast its not invisible!!

  117. acanadian Avatar

    Just so you guys know… this is the Canadian version of The Onion… it’s satire.

  118. John Chapman Avatar
    John Chapman

    I’m suddenly reminded of naked emperors

  119. Robert Ram Mullen Avatar
    Robert Ram Mullen

    This is where to many Idiots slipped through the doors of Art Circles, Ever hear the term “Bull Shit Baffles Brains” ? Yep, we are seeing this in action here. Hockney me lad you are so Fecken right

  120. ThisIsThat Avatar

    No idea if people in here are genuine or not but the radio show is called “This Is That” that airs on CBC Radio. The whole show is sattire. They aired an interview with a man about the need for bilingual dog parks in in Quebec. Calm down everybody.

  121. I love how they are admiring the empty walls.

  122. interesting acting, very good symbiotic sham. As one said, “If I wanted to imagine a piece of art I’d stare at my own wall.” To really try to understand this “type” of “art” her “style” is passé. It has been done in the terms of “mind” art before.. except it was with a tangible is a WAY to make the observer “think” past what the object IS and find the talent, craftsmanship, process or just the “thought” of art is art and not the end product or the object itself. She has just taken it one step further and narrates HER “art” in YOUR mind. Since past art movements have convinced us a chair and a toilet is art she has taken it a step further and is really saying that , art is in YOUR mind….but we all know THAT and don’t need to buy it ,we posses it already you just have to draw it out of yourselves….so if someone is that ignorant to need to spend 35,000$ to do that… they really may need help in understand ART period. LOL The first thing I thought was well her other objects in reality must be average or this is a way to get THAT stuff known and say they own a piece from that girl who made a “splash” with “invisible art” interesting marketing tool.

    1. well no matter what fake or real it still will make people “Think Art” even if they can’t see art LOL

  123. Imagine Me Avatar
    Imagine Me

    A sucker born every minute. Every one of us has our own imagination. It is not a commodity. It’s unique to each of us. Lana, fooled some eccentric art snob, but not any artist. Maybe this is a prank or some sort of psychological study to see how gullible people attended this BS. It’s criminal. It’s freaking hilarious. But mostly criminal.

  124. why am i even in art school

  125. Every Artist Avatar
    Every Artist

    Only reason why its invisible is to hide how black her soul is, and to hide how terrible her artwork really is, Art, (Real art) is tangible, relate able and can be actually seen, that is why its called art and not air! anyone willing to pay a single cent for air is just about as dumb as this wanna-be “modern” artist is. |
    Other wise I should just throw away all the years of training, study. heck just burn em all…

  126. this is a joke, and the picture is a fake. you can find the original if you type “MILAN, ITALY – JUNE 16: People look at Phil Stern photography collection at Forma Photography Foundation June 16, 2010 in Milan, Italy.” into your browser. its on shutterstock

  127. good for lana coz there r sooo many dumb rich people in the world

  128. Billy Bob Avatar
    Billy Bob

    This is the logical end of capitalist art. Patrons treat art like widgets to be invested in, that will increase in value as time goes on. Artists catch wind of this, and so they churn out cans of shit and urinals and even imaginary non-pieces, because, hey, they still get paid. Surprise surprise, the rubes lap it up either way because they don’t care one lick about the actual content.

  129. Invisible painting created by an invisible mind. Such beauty.

  130. Farhad Rezaei Avatar
    Farhad Rezaei

    This is pretty out dated work, surprisingly people are still in EEE and Awe! … it was done first in 1958 by Yves Klein… Look up “The Void”(La Vide)… Art history books are friends, not enemy!

  131. I think they’re paying in invisible millions

  132. Eboy Bear Avatar
    Eboy Bear

    this is really progressive … i dream of the day when i can come pay good money in a movie theater, and have the director describe how he would’ve shot the script.

  133. Nat Mondz Avatar
    Nat Mondz

    world’s most pathetic artist..

  134. Diana Schott Avatar
    Diana Schott

    wollt ihr mich verarschen? echt? wie verblödet ist die menschheit schon um sowas kunst zu nennen? oh man …ohne worte

  135. How I take it home?

    1. pinksmarti Avatar

      You wouldn’t wanna risk trying to carry something like that yourself. That’s what professional shipping companies are for.

  136. People are so stupid …. Everybody wake up!!!!

  137. hahahaha… a true BS artist! And I’ve composed a silent concerto.
    Meanwhile, Snopes says it’s a hoax.

  138. hahahaha… a true BS artist! Anyhow, Snopes said it’s a hoax.

  139. Mr. Garison Avatar
    Mr. Garison

    This should actually be a new South Park episode.

  140. Now I bet she is laughing so hard….

  141. People, this is NOT REAL. It’s a JOKE. There is no Schuler Gallery and the image used for this article has been photoshoped. You can find the real image on Corbis, stock photo agency. I think the moral of the story here is: Don’t believe everything you read/see/hear…

  142. Jacob Underwood Avatar
    Jacob Underwood

    nonexistant* not invisible

  143. StrykerSeven Avatar

    Umm… People, the “documentary” group who showcased the installation was “This is That” a well known Canadian SATIRE show presented by the CBC. Wow, people are gullible. You’ve officially been had.

    Source : Canadian

  144. when white privilege becomes ridiculous

  145. Wtf?? She ripped off one of my paintings! That little…

  146. lets just say talentless moron……fleecing other morons

  147. Fucking pretentious idiot.
    People work very hard at creating great, beautiful visual art…
    To say she is one of the best is absolute bullshit.

  148. I just imagined myself buying all of her paintings. Who wants to buy one off me? ;)

  149. Connor Young Avatar
    Connor Young

    Why pay millions when you can go home and imagine it for free? #TorrentTheArt

    1. pinksmarti Avatar

      Piracy puts people out of business. Well, except pirates.

  150. Chris Sky Avatar
    Chris Sky

    This is a joke, right?

  151. Jerry Chen Avatar
    Jerry Chen

    This screams “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  152. Spyros Lampropoulos Avatar
    Spyros Lampropoulos

    …well, I think this is beyond Yoko’s «An Invisible Flower»… that was ALSO a joke!

  153. Holy fuck this is bullshit beyond bullshit

  154. Farting is the invisible art I do understand and feel more.

  155. Andrew Stanford Avatar
    Andrew Stanford

    And “that, is that” LMAO at the idiots that read and believe… without questioning.

  156. I also think that it is funny that it is presented as a video but there is nothing but audio.


  158. Can believe anything Avatar
    Can believe anything

    The funniest bit about this is that its been replayed on a REAL art website!!! That’s how good the satire is!!!

  159. The IRS is going to have agents with exploding heads when these pieces begin to appreciate!

  160. CoyoteCosmico Avatar

    Can I pay with my invisible money? If I can’t then fuck you, I going to steal it anyway.

  161. I have 3 of her pieces for sale. Deeply discounted. Contact me for details.

  162. misschick Avatar

    SHE may be a nutcase… (or a total money sucking genius)… but the people who CHOOSE to go ‘admire’ her ‘artwork’ are the morons.

  163. Gregory Cogels Avatar
    Gregory Cogels

    IT IS SO STUPID ! x)

  164. Thepenguin Avatar

    I’m gonna steal those! Oh, no wait a min…. I allready did!

  165. So If I imagine taking a Shiza on her work, will I be charged with a criminal act of defacing art?

  166. lazy. clever way of so americanly taking money from people with minimal skill or effort. but lazy and self righteous. taking advantage of people by doing jack shit and just being good at making up bullshit. bitch probably had an extensive background of being a self absorbed piece of shit and now uses that for her so called art but its really just about money. this bourgeois garbage is fucking terrible and she should be ashamed. maybe if she was hanging from a noose in the middle of the room with all her invisible bullcrap surrounding her id go see it

    1. It was a joke from the Canadian show This Is That.

  167. I hope to get one, its a limited edition of 110358209574891794612958618965019890

  168. BrunoFehr Avatar

    I call Bullshit! Not to the “art” itself but I call bullshit that people are paying for it!

    Hey, I have about 10.000 pieces of invisible art,you can have them for 1€ each!

    1. pinksmarti Avatar

      Bruno, 1€?! Really? You shouldn’t undersell yourself so badly!

  169. The Emperor’s new clothes, anyone?

  170. You guys got to admit, she is a GENIUS!
    She just found out how to make money without doing anything at all. lol

  171. JellyFriend;) Avatar

    I have no idea with how much more bulshet can someone come up with. And I can not believe useful idiots that are falling in to it. Where r critics this days?!

  172. I wolud pay millions of invisible dollars for that, yeah.

  173. because of art like this most art galleries are full of invisible people

  174. Vicente Fictício Cruz Avatar
    Vicente Fictício Cruz

    I’d like something with bright invisible colors to put next to my fireplace.

  175. Relax and enjoy it, it’s satire…

  176. Sad copy. Wasn’t there a postmodern artist that sold 1 m3 air and people bought it? At least he gave out ‘certificates’. This here just seems like a cheap copy of something that should only work once.

  177. To be offensive: this IS bullshit

  178. You’ve been trolled. End the butthurt.

  179. to troll or not to troll Avatar
    to troll or not to troll

    sooooo, she is charging money for your imagination?

  180. Wallace Castro Avatar
    Wallace Castro

    vai tomar no cu, na boa

  181. art dealers are definitely not spending “millions”. That sort of market is reserved for only the most established artists.

  182. The Emperor’s New Court Artist.

  183. lol, just because you cant see it, feel it, touch it, smell it, doesnt mean its not there. LOL, fantastic.

  184. She is not the first.

  185. Please tell me this is a joke…

  186. Pedro Vieira Avatar
    Pedro Vieira


  187. Chris Brennan Avatar
    Chris Brennan

    The headline should read ” Self-proclaimed Artist Creates Nothing for Knuckleheads”.

  188. No one wants to be a part of a generation that ignoers another Van Gogh!! :p

  189. Chris Brennan Avatar
    Chris Brennan

    The clowns who pay to “see” this nonsense,or worse yet buy “it”, deserve to be liberated from every last cent they ever made or will make. Pet Rock,anyone?

  190. “The Emperor’s New Clothes” of Hans Christian Andersen.
    Though she is not the first to make invisible art. Yves Klein has already played with concept of emptiness

    1. Just replied with Yves Klein, few seconds ago :)

  191. Here is the thing with this: This artist say he is the first one, but that is big bullshit and numerous artists have done the same before. First one Yves Klei in 1958 with “the Void”.. I have done and protected similar thing, as irony in 2003. and James Franco in 2011. There’s more…

    There is no completely unique idea in the world but to say that she is the first one is just pathetic. Somebody can sue her for that, but she is doing enough damage to herself already.

  192. Dato Abzianidze Avatar
    Dato Abzianidze

    არტია, ყველა ვერ გაიგებს ;)

  193. Unsterbliche Avatar

    This is complete idiocy. And if it shows volumes on anything it is the stupidity of people and how they will latch on to whatever is being considered “trendy” or “hip” at the moment despite the glaringly obvious bullshit of it. Society breeds sheep who will follow anything no matter how pathetic. This “artist” should be locked up for fraud she is a dumb bitch anyone who believes this crock is fucked in the head. And the subject itself should be considered a crime to even be discussed. Artist involve real talent and she is bringing down the culture of art itself. To all those who see through this good day. To the rest of you who think she is the new great thing. Get sterilized and end the reproduction of idiots

  194. There are kids dying of hunger all over the world, and these idiots are paying millions to see absolutely nothing…

    1. Apparently, this isn’t real :)

  195. I tried this as a waiter once…

  196. James M. Barber Avatar
    James M. Barber

    God Damnit, this isn’t a real story. It was made up by CBC who decided to make up a web page to back it up. I wish sites would stop stealing satire and pretending its a real story merely because they can’t source properly.

  197. cannotvote Avatar

    She’s a self admitted Con-Artist – and her supporters are complicit in the Con – the media is both exploited and the exploiter – willfully! Stupid smart people complicit in cultural confusion – with art that isn’t, art in idea only, – a weaponization of art – and delusion required for perception, group delusion ! The event and the coverage becomes the art – but the event, is only an event – the rest is fecal finger painting! Damn the interest! :-)

  198. Leslie Dabrowski Avatar
    Leslie Dabrowski

    She is an artist! A SCAM ARTIST!!

  199. I stole some of her works. They’re in my collection now.

  200. AudioTactics Avatar

    LMFAO!! Hahahahaha

  201. basta de mentir Avatar
    basta de mentir

    perdón…les arruino el chiste…

    1. basta de mentir Avatar
      basta de mentir

      no me dejan subir la foto original sin photoshop

  202. Alfredo Guillen Avatar
    Alfredo Guillen

    Can I pay for it with invisible money!

    1. SCVMJONES Avatar

      no only Bitcoins accepted

  203. midgesterious Avatar

    i don’t get it is it a joke or not

  204. Don’t be so fucking stupid, do you really think someone would buy a blank canvas for Millions haha

    1. Not even the canvas is there. They’re buying… Air, really lol

  205. magiccoupons Avatar


  206. I have been wondering lately how many people are to the left of center on the IQ bell curve, and how many standard deviations out. I’ve been wondering for a long time. My interest peaked when I read about people who microwave their cell phones hoping to quickly recharge them. But, invisible art? People imagining artworks? These people are so far to the left of the center of the bell curve I can hear Vizzini (Princess Bride) saying “Inconceivable!!”

  207. This is from a CBC broadcast called This is That which fabricates stories that are just on the cusp of being believable, but are actually satire.

  208. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    If this isnt fake its the biggest pile of bullshit ever. I have art you can actually see dumbass rich people buying non-existent art! Buy some of my shit.

  209. Rolando Buhayo Avatar
    Rolando Buhayo

    Now they can’t prove that I stole one of the paintings! Ha ha ha!

  210. this is a lie, because the exhibition has been in Barcelona Dom Valeiras artist in a room also unseen, invisible work, and which opened in March this year and will be until December. lol

  211. I particularly admired her portrait of Hans Christian Andersen

    1. Colin Brown Avatar
      Colin Brown

      he had a bit of a blank stare though, which ruined the effect….

    2. His emptiness is what made it for me. What a beautiful piece of art, you don’t see those every day…actually you don’t see those at all

      1. SCVMJONES Avatar

        I find her style a bit repetitive

  212. Ridiculous! I think my invisible art is better

    1. mustafa Avatar

      have you seen mine!!!
      I’m pretty sure that mine is better!

  213. Reminds me Cage about his piece ” 4’33” “…
    Cage is great music philosopher but not much a composer. So except his prepared piano sonatas…… there’s not much music in his compositions.
    So I’m sorry, but I have to say you too are not an artist, girl, but just a conceptualist (cause there’re no visible & effective artistic techniques in you’re paintings/sculptures).
    How could you be, as an artist, proud of some air….?

  214. Gilberto Pereira Avatar
    Gilberto Pereira

    so today you publish a “news” with the date of tomorrow!? WOW! (let me just prinscreen it and save for later)

  215. Lepreykan Chris Avatar
    Lepreykan Chris

    Are any of these pieces for sale and can you sue her when the wrong piece is delivered to your door step

    1. SCVMJONES Avatar

      would love to make an insurance claim for a stolen piece

  216. Andrew McMenamin Avatar
    Andrew McMenamin

    The Emperor’s New Clothes for the modern era.

  217. Hissyspit Avatar

    Yes Klein did this in the 1960s.

  218. Rafael L. Smith Avatar
    Rafael L. Smith

    i smell The Onion

    1. James M. Barber Avatar
      James M. Barber

      This is that, from the CBC in canada. Same idea.

  219. I can’t really tell if this is satire or not, and that alone speaks volumes…

    1. midgesterious Avatar

      yeah me neither i feel really frustrated

    2. James M. Barber Avatar
      James M. Barber

      Its satire. Go to “This is That” on CBC and listen to the radio program. Its in the NPR style of soft talk radio and its fucking hilarious. Whoever works at art fido thinks this is funny, but its sort of like stealing content.

    3. Haha don’t worry- it is satire. There’s a snopes article explaining how it was made up by a group of comedians from Canada.

  220. This is That is a radio show on the CBC that spoofs the real world… ALL OF THIS IS FAKE

  221. you could sell it invisible money too.

  222. …you guys realise that this radio program is satire, right?

    1. … You realize you didn’t switch profiles, right?

    2. Spike Pickard Avatar
      Spike Pickard

      It is but the exhibition ‘ invisible art’ took place in London 2 years ago with all the accompanying mindless intellectual bollocks expressed here

  223. This is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. What a complete crock of excrement. Good for her for scamming idiots out of their money. There is so much amazing artwork in the world, anyone who puts stock in this should be locked away from society and have the stupid beaten out of them.

    1. Imraan Kapdi Avatar
      Imraan Kapdi

      what about the people that buy it lol

    2. Stick a finger in my ass Avatar
      Stick a finger in my ass

      She’s kicking the money outta them until their wallets hold as much sand as their heads

    3. james canton Avatar
      james canton

      The people who are buying the pieces are scamming themselves really.

  224. artybardycardydardyeardy Avatar

    Free shipping?

    1. well, if you buy a big painting, it has to be in a big, protective box. with insurance. someone must pay for it… you would not expect to come in a letter envelope, even if it looks some invisible…, that would become suspicious…

      1. ozlanthos Avatar

        How do you prove or disprove whether or not she sent you an empty box?


        1. Paris Lover Avatar
          Paris Lover

          To do justice to the million-$ masterpiece you just shelled out for, the box should also be invisible. Otherwise it makes no sense…

        2. Dwain Neilleay Avatar
          Dwain Neilleay

          Well i would assume the rest of humanity uses its senses to perceive what they experience but of course if there is some kind of sense of that can create which the rest of us cannot perceive then i need evidence to prove something is there, my thoughts well be a painter and decorator less complicated.

  225. I cant tell if this is trolling or not

    1. Does it matter?

      1. mustafa Avatar

        yes, yes it does!

  226. That this radio piece is being taken at face value speaks volumes about Art Fido.

  227. No to be offensive but this is bullshit

    1. lanina001 Avatar

      This is definitely trolling. If I wanted to imagine art on my walls, I can do that myself. I wonder if this exhibit is even real.

      Maybe she’s actually making some kind of social experiment about the affects of status, prestige and hype in the art world.

      1. SCVMJONES Avatar

        ya think?

        1. lanina001 Avatar

          Yea I do.

          1. Already Fucked Avatar
            Already Fucked

            you are right about the experiment, but weird are the also political echoes of that exhibition

      2. Arturo Cruz Avatar
        Arturo Cruz

        Like Duchamp with the bottle dryer?

      3. Paetchee Avatar

        …which could be considered a piece of art in its own right.

      4. Some guy Avatar
        Some guy

        This actually makes sense. First I thought she was just a con-artist, but perhaps your right. the exhibit isn’t the empty canvas, but the room full of people admiring and buying the empty canvas for the sake of status, prestige, etc.

    2. LuftWaffle Avatar

      The concept of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is sharp in this one. The artist is a pure genius.

      1. a swizzy Avatar
        a swizzy

        Ur fuckin dumb go to a fuckin art class

        1. Hunter Lee Thames Avatar
          Hunter Lee Thames

          U mad?

      2. tjkruse Avatar

        I think I’ll go for the lazy artist explanation. or desperate artist

    3. I’m offended you are not being offensive.

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