Artist Documents The First Time He Meets His Long Distance Girlfriend After 2 Years of Dating Online Only

It's the stuff of modern-day fairytales. Or miracles. Boy meets girl online and they fall in love. Problem is they live thousands of miles apart and can't meet in person. Could it happen or is this another juicy episode of Catfish?

But that's exactly what happened to artist Simone “Simz” Ferriero when he met and fell in love with his Toronto-based girlfriend Krisi on the online streaming platform, Twitch. 

Their online relationship blossomed and before you know it, they were dating… long distance, having never met each other in person.

That was until Ferriero decided to take the plunge and book a flight from Italy to Canada to stay with Krisi for two weeks in December 2017. Thinking it was a unusual position to be in from the beginning, Ferriero decided to document the relationship and all the couple’s adorable moments from first meeting, first kiss, and all the other fun things, in a Facebook album series called The first time we met.

“I had a lot of stress while traveling alone,” said Ferriero. “But I was very determined.” His illustrations document the first time the 5’6 artist set eyes on his 5’9 girlfriend IN REAL LIFE, and their time together exploring the sites of Toronto. 

You can see the illustrated meeting below. Despite the fact that Ferriero had to return home to Italy, the couple are still together, and have already planned their next meet-up—Krisi will visit Ferrireo in Italy in May…

(via MyModernMet)


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