Artist explores the relationship between man and machine with mesmerizing drawings

Ink Oscillations / Drawing Machine is a series of pen drawings on paper created by French artist Parse/Error. Some organic lines and waves, thought on computer, then patiently drawn by a hand-made drawing machine. Here, the computer and the machine do not involve any generative process, but are used only as performing tools in the creative process. The drawings of the project are available for sale on the artist website.

By adding a machine in the brain-hand-pencil-paper chain, this project questions the creative process and the man/machine interaction. Who is the artist, the brain, the hand or the machine? How to consider a drawing created by a brain’s imagination, made in pen on paper, but in which a machine interposes between the mental image and the movements of the pen?

The drawing machine used in this project was handcrafted on the DIY principle, combining electronic components, 3D printed parts and recycled parts from an old 3D printer. The plans and software used are open source and freely available on the Internet.



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