Artist Hilariously Illustrates The Differences Between Different Countries And Languages

Traveling is the perfect medium for experiencing different cultures complete with all sorts of art, music, crafts, and traditions. But visiting other countries is usually not just all roses.

With that idea in mind, artist Malachi Ray Rempen decided to share his traveling experience and situations in the form of fun comics dubbed "Itchy Feet Comic". This weekly cartoon chronicle is mostly about travel, language learning, and life as an expat. It's just about any bizarre situation you can imagine yourself in while traveling.

"Itchy Feet Comic deals with two very specific areas: language learning and traveling. One of the things I love about Itchy Feet Comic is the minute observations on the experiences that are so universal that you cannot help but say “That is so true!”" – says the artist.

So scroll down and have a quick walk around the world!


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