Artist Ivan Hoo Turns Objects Into Unbelievable Hyperrealist Drawings


A glass of wine, an adorable pug, a jar of Nutella. Not only does Ivan Hoo have an inhuman ability to transform worldly objects into drawings, he also has great taste in subject matter. Hyperrealist junkies, feast your eyes on artworks so realistic you’ll just want to eat them up (Nutella) or give them a big kiss (pug).

The 31-year-old artist, born in Singapore, takes up to three days to complete one of his painstaking artworks. He begins with an object and, using soft pastel pencils, translates the image into two dimensions using either the still life or a photograph taken by Hoo himself. He begins with a pencil sketch and fills in the gaps with incredible precision and vibrancy. As if Hoo’s talent isn’t remarkable enough, allow this fun fact to sweeten the pot: Hoo never went to art school.

“I have always loved drawing ever since I was a child but I never studied art and am completely self-taught,” he told The Daily Mail. “Then about four or five years ago I decided to further my knowledge in drawing techniques – in particular realism – and work full time as an artist. Pastels have always been my favorite medium to work with.”

Take a look at Hoo’s work, courtesy of the artist, below and see more on his Instagram.










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