Artist Paints Beautiful Murals on Homes Destroyed by Californian Wildfires

An artist, moved by what was left behind of his friend's home after it was ravaged by the California wildfires last year, used the site as a canvas. 

Shane Grammer turned the charred remains of a fireplace at Shane Edwards' Paradise residence into a beautiful black-and-white mural of a woman.

"When my buddy Shane posted photos of the only thing standing was his chimney, it was perfect," said Grammer. "I was like, 'I gottta paint that chimney.'"

Many of Grammer's childhood friends lost their homes in the devastating Camp Fire. Some have insurance to help pay for a new home, but others don't and are struggling.  "My heart was broke," he said. "I have family that still lives up there."

While he didn't paint the mural to "say anything" specific, Grammer said that he's moved by the hopeful reactions he's heard from many.

"From reading a lot of the comments and how it's encouraged people, I think they needed encouragement and I think this is one way out of all the stories, almost like a slap in the face, that there is hope," he said. 

"There will be hope… there is beauty in the ashes."


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