Artist Reimagines What Pop Culture Icons Would Look In Real Life, And It’s Scary as Hell

You probably have fond memories of most of the cartoon characters that appeared on your television screen when you were growing up (with the exception of most Dr Who characters!)

However that is all about to change. Australian digital artist Wil Hughes morphed our fav pop culture icons into nightmarish demons that will send shivers down your spine. If you’ve never been scared of Homer Simpson, Where’s Waldo, or Spongebob before, you will be now – though, let’s be honest, we were all a little creeped out by Ronald McDonald to begin with. Through his masterful use of shading, he creates realistic textures that give his horrifying portraits a 3D look.

Here are some of our favorites. But you’ve been warned… you may never be able to think about cartoons in the same way again…

Above #1: Ronald McDonald

#2: Rick Sanchez

#3: Pepe

#4: An old classic

#5: Squidward Tennisballs

#6: Googly Bear

#7: Wally

#8: Homer Simpson

#9: Peter Griffen

#10: Spongebob

#11: Hercules

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