Artist Stretches Colorful Strands of Thread to Produce Awe-Inspiring Rainbows Indoors

Gabriel Dawe’s indoor rainbows almost defy understanding. It is a visual representation of the full spectrum of natural light, a harnessing of a prismatic view of sunshine that has been confined within the four walls of a gallery space.

Up close, the artist’s tricks are revealed. The artwork is made of ordinary embroidery thread that has been hooked from floor to ceiling in a repeating overlay. Crafting an ethereal and shimmery pattern that, like a mirage, creates an optical illusion that delights the senses but distorts perceptions, it is almost as if the artist embroidered the air.

The threaded installation is part of a series called “Plexus” – which is the word for the interlacing network of blood vessels and nerves that sustain the body. Dawe says that he specifically chose plexus for his works because “it refers to the connection of the body with its environment, but it also relates directly to the intricate network of threads forming the installation itself, and to the inherent tension in the thread, vibrating with an almost tangible luminosity.”

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