Artist’s Giant Pencil Drawings Blur the Line Between Hyperrealism and Surrealism

South African artist, Jono Dry, was born in Pretoria and raised in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus, where he has lived, worked and exhibited for most of his young life.

Entirely self-taught, his unique photorealistic-surrealist works are usually created on a large-scale, using graphite on paper or board. Jono currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The artist has gained large followings on Facebook and Instagram and updates his fans regularly with behind-the-scenes photos and videos of his works in progress, along with his completed pieces.

Check out his incredible artwork below and don't forget to upvote and comment on your favorites!

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  2. Self-taught artist Jono Dry explores a surrealist point of view through hyperrealism art.


  3. The attention to detail is impressive, so it’s no surprise that one large drawing can take him six months to complete.


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  5. Along the way, Dry is happy to share his works in progress.


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