Artists Share Controversial Cartoons Depicting the Shocking Reality Of Modern Day Society


PeTry and CriSan are two Romanian cartoonists who have shared their views on our modern world over the last 30 years of their career.

Their cartoons are largely satirical, and touch on a myriad of topics including war, politics, immorality and the like.

What do you think of their work?

#1 The Soldier’s Future:


#2: War


#3 Two Prisoners


#4: The Opening Ceremony of Life


#5: True Love


#6: Cure for Stupidity


#7: The Bible, Corrected by God


#8: The Brain


#9 The Revolutionary’s “victory”


#10 The Grandmaster


#11 The Truth About Original Sin


#12 Doctor Or Veterinary? Both!


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  1. the are some very good ones. i choose the last one. the satire of how we all see themselves as animals and even refers as such. yes, woman suffer from this because it happens thay they are treated this way (basically a harsh way to let her know you desire her sexually). some woman say this is misoginy. Is a extreme word to chooise, i would say patriarchy is more precise.The women who find offended by this are very likely reading from their own reality, assuming a lot, like assuming the satire is promoting a certain social behaviour, instead of just reflecting or commenting on it.

  2. The technical aspects of the cartoons are very good, but the substance of it seems sort of pointless. Yes, people sometimes marry for wealth, war ruins families, etc. We all know this. And some of them don’t even make sense – the vetranarian or doctor one? Wtf is that about? Cure for stupidity? I get that the guy is a block head, but why contrast it with someone in the bed next to him clearly dying of something? What is the statement there? Nothing worse than a clear image of a fuzzy concept, and that’s what this appears to be.

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