Astrobiologist Tries Cooking In -94ºF (-70ºC) Temperatures At Antarctica, And The Result Is Just As You Expected

Cyprien Verseux is a glaciologist and astrobiologist, currently working on the most remote scientific base in the world: Concordia Station in Antarctica. Even the International Space Station, 400km above the Earth, is closer to civilization than this place, deep in the icy wastes of our most isolated and inhospitable continent.

When not busy collecting samples and doing research about climate change, Cyprien keeps a blog to share his experience of living in this extreme environment. Just for fun, Cyprien decided to go outside and have a go at ‘cooking,’ taking photos of different kinds of foods in the deep freeze. Of course, it was just a game, but the gravity-defying pictures vividly illustrate the absolute intensity of the cold down there in Antarctica, this is no picnic! “We run out of fresh food early in the winter (as we have no resupply from early February to early November), so we eat mostly frozen food: given that the temperatures never are in the positive, we just store it in containers outside.”

Scroll down below to check out the incredible images for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

(via boredpanda)

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