Australia’s Answer To Banksy Continues To Offend Celebrities Including One Who Wants To Kill Him

Australia’s answer to Banksy is continuing to upset celebrities with his unflattering depictions of them – as rapper 50 Cent is the latest to take offence.

The anonymous Melbourne street artist who goes by the stage name Lushsux is well-known for his work involving celebrities.

His famous pieces include Kim Kardashian with the figure of a body builder, United States president Donald Trump kissing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Britney Spears during her breakdown in 2007.

His latest work of 50 Cent with rainbow dreadlocks and rainbow teeth in the style of fellow rapper 6ix9ine has been met with criticism from the subject.

‘Man of all the s*** you could have painted on the wall, you paint this s***. What the f*** you n****s play too much, get the strap,’ 50 Cent posted to Instagram.

Lushsux told us he was unsure if he would continue provoking the rapper.

‘I don’t know if it’s a good idea to paint the rainbow unibrow on 50 Cent as he is a former violent criminal who seems angry with me,’ he said.

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    'I almost fell off the ladder while I was painting it from the horn blasts,' he said.

    As for Mrs Trump, Lushsux said the First Lady had done nude modelling before.

    'Melania did a bunch of nude photography back in the day, and she's not bad for an old duck so she also got a wall,' he said.

    'People seem to hate her a lot the poor thing.'

    Both pictures, shared with the artist's 107,000 Instagram followers, have received thousands of likes.


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    'I just like to take the piss out of things. That was already a meme getting around and it's pretty funny,' he said.

    The 2016 takedown of Taylor Swift by Kanye West led to a controversial 'memorial' piece for the singer. Swift's attorney apparently sent a cease and desist email to the artist. 

    The piece was later renamed Taylor Smith to avoid litigation.

    'I don't try to get under anyone's skin,' Lushsux said.


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    50 Cent was shot nine times in 2000 outside his grandmother's home.

    The mysterious Lushsux said is used to controversy.

    A piece depicting Hillary Clinton in revealing stars-and-stripes bathing suit with cash tucked into the side received quite a bit of backlash was deemed too offensive by the Maribyrnong Council. It had to be removed, the ABC reported.

    The day before, he revealed a mural on Perry Street in Collingwood of her opponent Donald Trump's wife, Melania.   

    Ms Trump was pictured from the waist up, and completely naked. Above her head was Ms Clinton's campaign slogan, 'I'm with her'.

    The artist previously told Daily Mail Australia the mural of Ms Clinton is based off a popular Photoshop image circulating the internet, and had proved very popular with passers by.




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