Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Tiny Sweaters For Injured Penguins!


This may well be one of the most adorable stories we’ve come across.  Ever.  

Back in 2013, Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation asked for volunteers to make sweaters for the rare “little penguins.” 109-year-old Australian Alfred Date – known as Australia’s oldest man – and an avid knitter since the 1930’s, was one of the first to pitch in.

Father to 7, grandparent to 20, great grandparent to 45 and great-great grandparent to a few more, Alfie’s not only been an active knitter, but also a sportsman, having played golf till his 90’s.

And what’s Alfie’s secret for longevity? “Waking up every morning”. 

The world would be a better place with more Alfie’s around!





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