Author Shares The Heartbreaking Story About The ‘Third Man’ In The Famous Photo From The 1968 Olympics

As you may know from the famous photo, at the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968, a heroic protest for equality occurred as the medals were being awarded. Many of us know Tommie Smith and John Carlos as the brave heroes who dared to stand for their civil rights, but only a few remember the third person who participated in this protest for justice, Peter Norman.

Not long ago, Khaya Dlanga, a South African author, shared some heartbreaking details about Peter Norman’s life after he dared to show his solidarity during the Olympic games. Khaya’s Twitter thread sheds a new light on our history and shows the importance of equality and respect in our society.

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  1. Khaya Dlanga is a South African author, and on his Twitter account he has shared a heartbreaking part of our history that only a few know about


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  22. After reading this story, people started adding more heartbreaking facts to it


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  26. In a sculpture at San Jose’s State University, a silver medal position was left empty at Norman’s request, so people could pose for photos in solidarity




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