Because The Only Thing Better Than Bob Ross Are Memes About Bob Ross



People love Bob Ross. He painted amazing landscapes in a very short period of time, but was always humble and more focused on teaching others to do the same than anything else. He was a very calm, friendly figure on screen, but viewers could also tell that he was passionate about painting, about animals, about teaching and all of that genuine joy that he wanted to pass onto the viewer was infectious. He was happy when he was painting and that happiness was transferred to the viewer — no matter what year someone was watching…

To celebrate the enduring legacy of Bob Ross, whose can-do attitude and inspiring positivity continues to make people smile more than 20 years after his passing, the guys at Bored Panda put together a list of favorite memes and posts in his honor.

Scroll down below to check out them out for yourself, and vote for the ones you like best!



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