Book pages folded into stunning sculptures by Yuto Yamaguchi


Paper sculptor extraordinaire Yuto Yamaguchi has taken the art to a whole new level by transforming hardcover books into sculptures by simply folding their pages. Without using scissors, he crafts the bold designs by intricately creasing each page so that together, they appear as one cohesive form. Yamaguchi’s excellent craftsmanship produces smooth curves and sharp lines, making pop culture characters, cups of coffee, and lettering instantly recognizable and easy to read.

You can purchase Yuto’s books or alternatively follow his step-by-step instructions to create folded masterpieces of your own here.

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orufun9 orufun11 orufun12 orufun13 OruFun20

OruFun21 OruFun22

(h/t MyModernMet)

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