Breathtaking Photos of Matterhorn From All Hours of the Day

On the border of Switzerland and Italy lies Matterhorn (aka Monte Cervino), Europe’s 14,692-foot-high mountain. With one of the highest peaks of the iconic Swiss Alps, Matterhorn is an attraction for both climbers and photographers. Since the 19th century, many people have approached the mountain as a personal challenge, making it their mission to climb one of its four sides. Others, still, admire the towering peak from afar, capturing its magnificence at all hours of the day.

The spectacular mountain range offers a beautifully scenic view, whether one is looking out over the summit or viewing the mountains themselves. Throughout the four seasons, at morning, noon, or night, photographers are eager to snap shots of Matterhorn. Seeing how beautiful each image is, it’s no wonder that the massive mountain is the subject of so many people’s portfolios. The sky and landscape work in natural unison throughout each day, offering a refreshing scene in the morning and a breathtaking view at night.

Top photo: Bertrand Monney

Andreas Jones

Jorg Lutz

Ryan Albert

Felix Lamouroux

Weerakarn Satitniramai


Jacky CW

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay


Andrea Visca

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