Californian Artist Creates Fantastic Underwater Paintings

Isabel Emrich was born in California and grew up with her grandmother watching from the cliffs the sea and painting en plein air. Following grandma’s advice “paint only what you see” Isabel created a series of oil paintings that portray young women in the sea. The view is always from below the surface of the water, where light creates magical plays of color.

The paintings convey a sense of freedom, serenity, and peace, exactly what you feel when you float and carry water.

American artist‘s pictorial style is very close to that of the expressionists, like Van Gogh, made of strong and energetic gestures and the use of strong and vivid colors. One above the other, the brush strokes manage to give the sense of water, ripples of the waves and the reflections that are created on the skin.

Find more of Isabel’s works by browsing her Instagram profile.



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