Capturing Grace and Elegance of Ballet Dancers on City Streets Around the World

We often think of dancers as performing just for the stage, but their awe-inspiring moves bring a fresh new perspective when brought to the city streets. Photographer Jean-Pierre travels the world to capture ballerinas among monuments and skyscrapers, as they twist and contort their bodies into graceful movements that complement the surrounding landscape.

In front of iconic sights like the Colosseum in Rome with ballerina Anna Boyar, the dancers are at the forefront, throwing their bodies into gravity-defying leaps and sinking their limbs into the city streets. But more and more, Jean-Pierres’ series of dance portraits also speaks to the specificity of each location, the dancers providing the backdrop for his uniquely personal travelogue.

Jean-Pierre’s series of dancers is ongoing. Follow along with his beautiful modern dance photography through Instagram.


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