Celebrities Use the 10-Year Challenge to Show How Much the Planet Has Changed

If you’ve been on social media at any point in the past two weeks, you’ve probably been confronted by the latest viral craze — the 10-Year Challenge. Maybe you’ve seen your favorite celebrity flaunt their glow-up, or admired from a distance as someone you haven’t seen in, well, almost 10 years reaped the virtual benefits of puberty. Maybe you yourself even partook, with the subtle pride you get from posting today’s photo — along with the reality check you get from posting one from 2009. 

Some celebrities — like Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen — are taking a different approach to the challenge by showcasing the extreme changes that our planet has experienced in only a decade’s time. 

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    @dicapriofdn - The Rondonia region of Brazil originally had over 200,000 km2 of rainforest but has become one of the most deforested places in the Amazon. Side by side images shows C. 2006 to 2018. #10YearChallenge

    DiCaprio’s foundation, which focuses on environmental preservation, also highlighted deforestation as their contribution to the 10-Year Challenge. Striking aerial images of Brazil’s Rondonia region shows the incredible difference in the Amazon rainforest over the course of a decade—and not for the better.

    For her part, Gisele Bündchen paid homage to a project near and dear to her heart. She showed off the incredible progress her Agua Limpa Project has made in her native country of Brazil. After planting 40,000 trees on a river bank, the project has helped improve water quality and created a wildlife corridor since it began in 2009. Her post is a hopeful glimpse of what can happen when people take action.

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    @Greenpeace - Arctic 100 years ago vs Today.  This is the truth about the #10YearChallenge.  RT if you agree. #climatechange (Images courtesy of Christian Åslund and The Norwegian Polar Institute)

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    gisele - #10yearchallenge is a great opportunity to reflect. Have you ever stopped to think where you were 10 years ago? What were the dreams you had for yourself and for the world? What are you most proud of today? If you ask me, I would say that, besides creating and nurturing my own family, I´m also very proud of the Agua Limpa Project, that my family and I created 10 years ago to help to better the quality of the water in my hometown - Brazil. In the beginning it was challenging, but we had a dream and a deep desire to be helpful. 10 years later, I’m happy to say that we did it! We planted more than 40,000 trees on the river banks that not only improved the water quality and helped to preserve the area for the future generations but also created an ecological corridor that brought wildlife back! It´s incredible to see when we give Nature a helping hand, she does the rest and thrives. The more we take care of Nature the better she can take care of us. We are all connected. 

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    Fact: The total world forest loss till date is 7.3 million hectares per year.
    Fact: Trees are important constituents of the ecosystem by absorbing carbon.
    Fact: Time to take #ClimateAction against deforestation before it's too late.

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    @TheOxygenProj -The only #10YearChallenge we should care about #ActOnClimate before we cause irreparable damage to our planet. 

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    dawn_images - The #tenyearchallenge we should be talking about!

    Climate change is real, people. Let’s clean up our acts and be better and do better. We have a responsibility towards this earth, the living beings that inhabit it and our future generations.

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    @FelipeAlvear21 - Amazon rainforest in  , Air in Beijing, , Great barrier reef in , Northern White Rhino are just a few examples how we've changed... the world. We should stop!

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    @shuaib_karim - The only #10YearChallenge we should care about

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