Christian Chapman – A Modern New Age Blend of Unique Portraiture & Majestic Ocean Visions

Welcome to the Art of Christian Chapman. A modern new age blend of unique portraiture & majestic ocean visions.

Beauty & decay, light vs dark, yin & yang, semi realism with gothic overtones echoing emotion.

The portraiture pieces are hand painted with bold/loose & expressive yet intimately detailed brush strokes. The sharp lineal detail is the focal point. The second medium being the airbrush is subtly used to create the soft tonal elements.

Christian's desire is to create aesthetic semi realism via ornate intricacy. Once this is achieved he collaborates with loose free brush work drips and hues of neon. This expressive touch gives the paintings the movements. Predominately monochromatic with a tease of colour.

The Ocean Series paintings are Christian's alter ego and his Spiritual side. The majestic sunrises are direct visions all inspired by his love of the ocean. Cleansing, relentless, raw, free & void of control.

Christian's works are held internationally .

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