Cliff House Has an Amazingly Terrifying View

Greece’s economy may be going through some issues at the moment, but that hasn’t dulled the creativity of Greek architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos from Opa Works who have up with an amazingly terrifying cliff house.

The concept design is called “Casa Brutale”, and it is designed to mesh well with nature. The building is completely embedded in the cliff, so it can’t be seen from the surface, which means it doesn’t obstruct the view of the sea. It also enjoys thermal isolation from the surrounding ground and cooling effect of the pool that sits above the rooms. Not to mention the magnificent color effect a pool over you glass ceiling gives!

The building would be built out of three concrete slabs, and feature concrete tables, benches and bed, all decorated with wood. It would be (brutally) minimalistic, with the major adorning feature being the imprints of boards used to shape the concrete.










(h/t: designyoutrust)

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4 responses to “Cliff House Has an Amazingly Terrifying View”

  1. Martin Sluka Avatar
    Martin Sluka

    Very nice and very ignorant. The sea is the lord there. What will happen if it will erode 10 m of cliff more? Typical Greek. Very proud and ignoring facts!

    1. Sara Desjardins Avatar
      Sara Desjardins

      I’ll admit I was wondering about that part too. I suppose though if you build houses for a living, if one breaks off a cliff, you can just make a new one. It’s also good advertising. It has to be the same as building a house on sand near a beach. A good flood and bye bye house.

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