Cover of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Heart Brought Led Zeppelin to Tears & Left Obama Speechless

Led Zeppelin

There are many covers on the internet, but this one of ‘Stairway to Heaven” by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart (with extensive accompaniments!) has something so magical as it brought Led Zeppelin to tears and left the whole audience speechless including Obama. It was part of the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors Gala in Washington, DC on December 2, 2012. You have got to watch this one and share it with your friends!

Just in case you’ve lived under a rock all of your life, Stairway to Heaven is a famous song released by the English rock band Led Zepplin in late 1971. The song was released in the fourth untitled studio album (referred to as Led Zeppelin 4) by the band and it was composed by the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant. This hit is considered to be one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The original song by Led Zeppelin can be found here.

The song contains three stages that start with slow tempo and volume, then increases as it goes on in both the tempo and volume and instruments. “Stairway to Heaven” was voted  as number 3 in 2000 by VH1 on its playlist of the one hundred Greatest Rock Songs.

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  1. dryerbuddy Avatar

    Obama doesn’t go anywhere without a celebrity entourage. He’s more interested in his legacy of pop culture fame than in being an effective leader of the free world.

    1. Stupid comment with nothing to back it up. Prove it.

      1. dryerbuddy Avatar

        Example A: Obama is a terribly ineffective leader.
        Example B: his wife and he took separate flights just this very week to LA to appear on ABC’s The View and Jimmy Kimmel, respectively.

        1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Whoaaaaa! You really put me in my place. Who can argue with those devastating points. Look pencil dick, if I wanted your $-h-i-t, I’d just put a pooper scooper under your dumbo ears and squeeze your fat head. then I’d walk outside and fertilize my tomato plants.

          1. dryerbuddy Avatar

            Ad hominem from a thoughtless liberal sociopath. Go back to your article detailing “The 11 Most Amazing Penlses” — you contributed capricious insight on that forum as well.

          2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Stop it! You’re really hurting my feelings now. It’s not fair for right wing nut intellectuals like you and Sara “Failin’” Palin to take advantage of poor, uninformed liberals like me. You meany.

          3. dryerbuddy Avatar

            On this we agree. It IS certainly unfair to pit your below average intellect against mine. I do honestly wish Democratic voters were more informed – it would help us all.

          4. True. You Palin, Bachmann, Louie “Pyle” Gomert, and that buffoon from Arkansas who headed the braindead group of Rethug senators who sent a letter to the Iranian leadership are the best and the brightest minds in ‘merika. U S A ! U S A ! We’re Number One! Ha! Ha! Ha!

          5. dryerbuddy Avatar

            “That buffoon from Arkansas” went to Harvard Law, same as the buffoon in the Oval Office. But none of these have an ounce of weight when it comes to such brilliant minds as:
            Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat, who as a member of the House Science Committee, brilliantly asked NASA scientists if the Mars Pathfinder had taken a picture of the flag Neil Armstrong planted there),
            Joe Biden (who is a walking meme-factory),
            Eric Weiner (former Democratic Congressman who, even when given a second chance, literally couldn’t stop showing his Dick to young girls on the internet),
            Al Sharpton (Democrat, who, when he’s not inciting race riots, encouraging black people to murder Jews, and extorting businesses to donate money to line his pockets in order to avoid “a scene,” spends his time dealing cocaine and snitching for the FBI),
            Wendy Davis (Democrat, who, after filibustering a bill all night that eventually passed, lost not only the governor’s race but also her seat in the state Senate [to a pro-life candidate, no less] after insisting her wheelchair-bound opponent with a Hispanic wife “has never walked in (her) shoes,” “is on the wrong side of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” and “would outlaw inter-racial marriages”)
            Marion Barry (Democratic mayor of DC who was caught in an FBI sting smoking crack cocaine on camera)
            And lest we not forget: Nancy Pelosi in 2007, Ted Kennedy in 1983, Democratic Congressmen David Bonior, Jim McDermott, and Mike Thompson in 2002, John Kerry in 1984, 10 Democratic Congressmen in 1983, and Jimmy Carter in 1990 — all Dems who visited, wrote letters to, or contacted foreign governments against the wishes of their sitting Republican president while deals and policies were being hashed out.
            Save us your righteous indignation.

          6. Ha! Ha! Ha! I could type for 24 hours without stopping just to cite all of Palin’s dim-witted remarks. Your examples are lame. Wendy Davis? Good gawd what an ignorant comment. You belong to a party run by buffoons who reject scientific fact and glorify ignorance.

          7. dryerbuddy Avatar

            Reject science? Like the leftists who believe GMOs are bad for you, despite no evidence? Or the fancy, Whole Foods liberals who refuse to vaccinate their children? Or the liberals who reject the idea of DNA and insist humans are gender-fluid and not biologically male or female at birth? Or how about Democrats and their numerous “chemophobia” laws passed with overwhelming support among their liberal base? (Chemophobia – an irrational fear of “toxic chemical” exposure in situations where there is no scientific evidence of danger) Or liberals irrational hatred of nuclear power despite the vast majority of scientists agreeing that nuclear is not only the most efficient form of energy, but also the safest? Or how about the 9/11 Truthers who believe it was an inside job implemented by the Bush administration?

          8. Ha! Ha! Ha! No, not like that you nimrod. I’m talk the likes of the Neanderthal from Oklahoma who brought a snowball onto the senate floor as proof global warming is not happening. And there’s the idiot Florida governor who has banned the use of the term “climate change” in official documents! And then there are the anti-evolution zealots who insist the Earth is no more than 6,000 yeards old. That’s what i’m talking about, Einstein! Willful rejection of scientific fact–willful ignorance.

          9. dryerbuddy Avatar

            Not like that? I’m sorry, but you can’t pick and choose what liberals as a whole believe . The anti-GMO crowd, anti-nuclear power crowd, anti-biology, anti-“chemical” crowd, the 9/11 truthers, all comprise the Democratic base. The anti-science is strong within the DNC. You can choose to ignore it all you want, but I won’t, you Prius driving granola mom

          10. Ha! Ha! Ha! Liberals anti-science? Total BS. For you to say that and try to make a lame argument that such is the case–you will say anything. There are no Dems like Sen. Imhofe, or Rick Scott, or Sara Palin. Defend them. Do it. There are no Dems trying to mandate that creationism be taught over evolution is schools. There are no Dems denying man’s contribution to climate change. There are no Dems pathetically sayin, “Well I’m no scientist, but … ” Those are Rethug fools, beholden to corporations who stand to lose billions if change is ushered in to save the planet. Open your eyes, dude. One question: Why do you hate ‘merika? I’m outta here.

          11. dryerbuddy Avatar

            Yes liberals are well known science deniers. The anti-GMO crowd, anti-nuclear power crowd, anti-biology, anti-“chemical” crowd, the 9/11 truthers, all valued members of the Democratic base. They believe that human beings, despite the strict rules of the XY sex-determination system, can honestly “change” genders at will. Thirty years ago such behavior was classified as a mental disorder — now it’s accepted theology among Democrats — and I say theology intentionally, because Democrats defend their sociological movements with a religious fervor. Democrats have also been the absolute worst advocates for climate change imaginable. They have turned the entire theory into a polarized, political joke. Liberals insistence that every single event in our universe is somehow evidence of climate change borders on insanity. Hot outside? Climate change. Cold outside? Climate change. Just right outside? Climate change. Rains too much? Climate change. Not enough rain? Climate change. John Kerry blamed climate change for rising Islamic radicalism. Richard Seager, liberal professor from Columbia University, blamed climate change for the Syrian Civil War. Deb Feyerick, liberal CNN anchor, blamed a passing asteroid on “global warming.” The liberal publication Newsweek attempted to link Ebola to climate change. And not to be outdone, John Kerry managed to link the Japanese tsunami to climate change.
            Or how about the propensity for liberals to disregard scientific fact and create narratives out of thin air? According to A) the autopsy, B) the vast majority of witnesses, and C) the Justice Department, Mike Brown did not have his hands up, and certainly did not say “don’t shoot.” But that didn’t stop hundreds of thousands of liberals from chanting this meme daily. They disregarded (and continue to disregard) forensic and empirical science to invent an entirely new narrative out of whole cloth.
            A large portion of the liberal base should be institutionalized. They are a danger to society.

          12. Ha! Ha! Ha! What ever you say, moron. Add anti-moron to that list of yours. Ha! Ha!

          13. dryerbuddy Avatar

            Is that “Ha! Ha! Ha!” thing you keep repeating a version of Internet tourettes?

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