Crazy Cat Lady Photoshops Her Cats Onto Almost Everything. But Has She Gone Too Far?

Cat lover Audrey Spencer is a little different to most. By day she’s an artist & Industrial designer, but by night she’s a SnapCat artist and storyteller – of cats. One of her ongoing projects is photoshopping her felines into other images and we can’t get enough.

Her artistic muses go by the names Oskar and Maya. According to their website, Oskar is a 1-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat who likes to chew on things that he shouldn’t with the hopes it will turn into food; while Maya uses her cute looks to get food. From Snapchat to photoshop these cats have been featured in all of Audrey’s cat art.

Scroll down below to see Oskar as a chicken or Maya as an avocado pit, they are sure to brighten your day!


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