Crocs in a Bath by Photographer Shannon Plummer

It’s often said that you shouldn’t work with kids or animals, but Shannon Plummer, photographer, seems to have mastered this and the art of photography with some of the most stunning animal photography we have ever seen.

Shannon recently completed a charity calendar for The Australian Girls of Herpetology where she took photos of women with reptiles to raise money for the endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Shannon didn’t stay behind the camera for the entire shoot, however, deciding to be the photographer and model for the month of December which featured a self-portrait of Shannon in the bath covered in baby Australian crocodiles!  According to Shannon, she hid the camera remote trigger in her right hand (under the crocodile on her shoulder) and took the entire sequence of photos all by herself!

Now that is commitment to a photo shoot! See all of the images below and some time lapse footage of the day that Shannon spent with Crocs in a Bath. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out Shannon’s recently updated website HERE to see more amazing animal and reptile photography…

Images from Crocs in a Bath:

Images from the Australian Girls of Herpetology calendar shoot:


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