Dad Gets 600K Instagram Followers in 1 Week with Photos of Hotel Carpet

A 19-year-old daughter just turned her dad into the hottest thing on Instagram this week with a single Tweet that went viral. Her father has gotten over 600,000 new followers in just the past few days for his photos of hotel carpets.

Bill Young is a photographer and pilot who travels for a living and stays in a lot of hotels. During his stays, he sees all kinds of designs under his feet, so he decided to start an Instagram account to document the seemingly endless diversity of hotel carpets. His first photo was published on Instagram at @myhotelcarpet back on August 27th, 2015:


My #HotelCarpet #Cincinnati Airport #Marriott. I kinda like it. #travel #photography #imbored

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But up until last week, no one paid attention to Young’s photos, and over two years he had managed to amass a grand total of 83 followers.

On November 25th, Young’s his 19-year-old daughter (and number one fan), Jill, came up with an idea for the perfect Christmas present this year for her dad. She would try to make his Instagram account go viral.

She posted a simple Tweet that states: “All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen.”


Boy did it go viral. Over the next few days, Jill’s Tweet was Liked over 25,000 times and Retweeted over 8,000. After her request and Bill’s photos began spreading across the Internet, Bill’s Instagram went from having 83 followers to having over 28,000 two days later.


But that was only the beginning. Soon the Instagram account was being covered by the mainstream media and the largest publications on Earth.




At the time of his writing, Bill’s Instagram now boasts over 612,000 followers.

Lobby carpet in #boston #rennaissancehotel

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

My Boston hotel room carpet. Reminds me of the ocean. #hotelcarpet

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

Hotel Restaurant. #Marriott #Travel #hotelcarpetsoftheworld

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

#hotelcarpet #Nagoya #marriottassociahotel . One of my favorite hotels.

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

Saw this #Mayan inspired #hotelcarpet at the wonderful @theadolphushotel in #dallas

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

Here is today’s #hotelcarpet from my hotel in #rotterdam . It’s #raining and I have wicked #jetlag . #layover

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

Another #hotelcarpet at the #Allen #Texas Courtyard Marriott. I like the #red. #layover #longnightahead

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

My first #German #hotelcarpet from here in #Hannover. Now I’m off to find some beer and bratwurst. #layover

A post shared by Bill Young (@myhotelcarpet) on

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